Enhance your Entryway with Hardscape Designers in the Bay Area

hardscape designers in the bay area

Curb Appeal Tips from Landscape and Hardscape Designers in the Bay Area

Even homeowners who aren’t planning on selling are concerned about curb appeal. The entryway and driveway are often the first impression your home makes on visitors. Here’s how you can take your front yard to the next level with hardscape designers in the Bay Area.

Add Charm to Your Home With a Stunning Driveway

Using pavers to design a unique driveway can instantly make your home’s exterior shine. With modern pavers, you can complement any home’s style and color to create that special driveway that is aesthetically pleasing and durable. Combining multiple styles of pavers gives you thousands of patterns that will make your home stand out.

Add Some Native Plants to Your Landscape

Native plants are those plants that have adapted to the climate and soil in your area. By using native plants, you’ll not need as much fertilizer and pesticides, because the plants will thrive amongst the conditions in your garden. Typically, native plants don’t need as much water as other types of plants. If you have an area in your yard that experiences erosion, native plants can help reduce that too. Landscapers in the Bay Area can give you ideas about the plants that will thrive in your yard.

Create a Walkway

Ask your landscape contractors in the Bay Area about creating a walkway up to your front door. Line it with LED or solar lighting to make it safer to get to your front door after dark. A walkway is inviting and adds curb appeal. It also reduces the amount of water your front lawn needs.

Clean Up Your Exterior

Get a power washer and scrub your driveway. Paint the door or update it. Do a walkthrough outside and see what needs to be done. You may need to add some plants around your mailbox or up by your door. If you’ve got a grass-less area under a tree, consider a hardscape element that dresses the area up and won’t mind not seeing the sun. A bench or a water fountain can be a beautiful accessory.

Create a Patio to Foster Neighbor Relationships

In many neighborhoods, the front lawn is simply that. There’s no reason to come out and talk to your neighbors. Use pavers to create a space in your front yard where you can sit down and meet your neighbors. It might be a place where you can enjoy a new view in the morning instead of in your back yard. You won’t feel as obligated to invite people inside when you can direct them to an outside sitting area.

Get Started with a Local Hardscape Designers in the Bay Area

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