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Nestled in the San Francisco Peninsula, Burlingame is known for its fantastic climate. Burlingame gets its beautiful views thanks to the San Francisco Bay, making the city a natural for some of California’s finest living.

To take advantage of the climate and/or views in Burlingame, renovating or upgrading your outdoor space may be an excellent solution. It’s always best to depend on the right professionals for each job. With larger homes (popular in Burlingame), there is much you can do to beautify the outdoors, and Viking Pavers are experts in doing just that. Following are some services you might consider.


If you want to improve your home’s aesthetic, upgrading your driveway is wise. Viking Pavers use a wide variety of concrete pavers and paving stones to accomplish beautiful results. You can choose between traditional cobble and brick pavers or modern slab pavers. Which you choose depends on the final desired result.

A strong, well-designed driveway is critical to any home. With Viking, driveway solutions are customizable, so you can choose a unique style that will blend with your home. Best of all, with a reliable manufacturer, you can get an installation warranty for up to 30 years. To create a sophisticated look, the driveway can be extended into your walkway or other outdoor space elements.


If you have ample space in your front or backyard, creating a patio is a cost-effective, interesting, and versatile way to create an outdoor place to spend your time. With the right paving stones, you’ll be able to easily design anything, from setting up a kid’s play area to a barbecue pit. You can choose from a variety of paver stones, slate, and basalt to create a unique patio that blends perfectly with your home. With Viking Pavers, you can also choose to experiment with textures and patterns to make different areas stand out.

Synthetic Turf

synthetic turf installed by our pros

We live in a city surrounded by beautiful trees and grassy lawns. If you’re eager to add some greenery to your home without worrying about regular maintenance, synthetic turf is just what you need. Installing this turf has its perks; in fact, installing it has no downsides. Once done, you never need to worry about watering or caring for it since it’s synthetic.

This turf is perfect for adding to your outdoor space as an alternative to natural grass, which needs a lot of TLC. This turf creates the ideal base for your lawn, where you can do what you like. Whether you want to make a play area for your kids or simply have a perfectly green lawn for others to admire, the choice is yours.

There are various turfs to choose from based on how you plan to use the space. In addition, you also are able to choose the height, style, and texture of the grass you want. You can craft your lawn just as you like and enjoy the green beauty without the stress of a noisy lawn mower ruining your Sunday sleep.

Enjoy spending time outdoors with the perfect lawn, a new patio, or an updated driveway. Call Viking Pavers to learn more about how they can help with the styles and patterns you want to add to your home.

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