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Visually stunning, there nothing quite like walking along a beautiful Built-Smart Interlocking Paving Stone Walkway—only available from Viking Pavers, a leading walkways design and Walkway Pavers company in SF Bay Area. Our craftsmen design and install walkways that provide beautiful transitions. Built-Smart Walkways are made from the finest materials available and come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on paving stones and a 25-year warranty on installation. Whether you’re looking for a walkway to your front door, around your house, or through your backyard, Viking Pavers can create it.

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Lower Prices on Walkways

Our prices are typically 20% lower than our main competitor’s prices.


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Free Demolition
of  Existing  Surface

Get a free demolition of your existing surface with a paver or synthetic turf installation. Area must be tractor accessible and is limited to up to 4-inch thick concrete. Restrictions apply.

Awesome Reviews

We’re rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau. Most importantly, we have very satisfied customers.

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Choices Galore

Limitless design possibilities exist with paving stone walkways. Selections include a variety of styles, colors, shapes, and textures. We offer high-quality products from all the leading manufacturers including, but not limited to, Belgard and McNear.

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Outstanding Customer Service

We will do whatever it takes to earn your business. Need samples delivered? Tell us when. Got lots of questions? Ask away. Got a budget? No problem!

Experienced, Professionally Trained & Certified

As a licensed, bonded, and insured California contractor, we have the experience and wisdom of thousands of jobs under our belts. Our installers are professionally trained and certified by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute and the National Concrete Masonry Association

NCMA | National Concrete Masonry Association web site
NCMA | National Concrete Masonry Association web site

Outstanding Warranty

We’re so confident in the longevity of ourwalkways that they come with a 25-year warranty on workmanship and a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty on paving stones. Rest assured, a driveway installed by Viking Pavers is a worry-free investment that will provide enjoyment for years to come.

Strength & Durability

Paving stone walkways are roughly 4X stronger than concrete. In fact, they’re so strong, they won’t crack like concrete – even in harsh weather conditions.

Easy Subsurface Repairs

If there’s ever a problem below the walkway, such as a broke pipe, paving stones can be removed, the repair can be made, and paving stones can be put back when you’re done—resulting in no investment loss. That’s impossible to do with concrete, asphalt, or flagstone.

Earthquake Performance

In the event of an earthquake, paving stones can be reused if displaced, thus minimizing any loss of investment. This makes them the perfect solution for California residents.

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Call us at (800) 941-1014 or contact us for a free in-home consultation and price quote. Most visits can be scheduled within a day or two and take about an hour to complete.

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Why Install a New Paver Walkway?

Lawns and gardens add diversity and beauty to the exterior of a home, and the addition of carefully designed and crafted garden paths elevates the area into artwork. Walkways in your garden provide depth, texture, richness, organization, and direction. Here are some of the ways that walkway installers in the Bay Area can assist you in taking the loveliness of the exterior of your home to the next level.

Improve Aesthetics

Garden paths help to focus the appearance of the foliage, patio spaces, and furniture in your garden. Carefully designed walkways create nuance and balance in gardens that might otherwise appear too random. They transform your outdoor areas into works of art.

Create Ambiance

Ambiance has to do with the mood a particular place evokes. The specific shape and materials of garden paths that paving companies in the Bay Area install can profoundly affect the ambiance of your outdoor space. For instance, materials such as cut stone or brick suggest formality, while walkways of gravel, mulch, crushed shells, or stepping stones are more informal. Narrow paths are perfect for solitary contemplative walks, and wider paths are ideal when companions want to walk side by side and converse. Straight paths may direct attention to outstanding features in the garden, while winding, meandering walkways invite you to commune with the natural beauty all around.

Separate Spaces

Walkways assist in partitioning the various spaces in your outdoor landscape. You may have a garden, a lawn, a patio, and a play area. Paths of various sizes and materials effectively and attractively separate areas that have diverse uses.

Point the Way

Besides serving as boundary partitions, garden paths lead the way to important outdoor spaces. Some may guide you in a more or less direct way to dining and recreation areas, and others may be more labyrinthine, winding back and forth through attractive and fragrant foliage, giving the impression of a wandering stroll through natural landscapes.

Stay Clean

Garden paths have practical purposes as well. They allow you to stay clean and dry and protect your shoes, feet, and clothes as you wend your way past potentially clingy or scratchy plants and damp soil.

Protect Plants

Walkways also help to protect your plants. If you have invested in a lovely garden with carefully balanced flowers, shrubs, and trees of various sizes, you want to keep them safe from harm. A garden path reminds people to avoid the spaces that have been so meticulously planted and tended and to stick to the ways that have been designated for walking. Your foliage will grow unimpeded and safe from damage.