Paver Installation in Belmont, CA

Paver driveways, patios, synthetic turf installation & more

a paver installation in Belmont, CA done by our team

If you live in the quaint, beautiful city of Belmont, the stretches of open space and the surrounding wooded hills make it the perfect setting for sipping your morning coffee on your patio. This quiet residential community is known for its fantastic weather and one reason most homeowners look to extend their homes and explore the outdoors as much as possible.

As a homeowner in Belmont, if you’re not utilizing your front and backyard to their full potential, you’re missing out on a great experience. Since most Belmont homeowners have ample outdoor space, customizing these areas to suit your lifestyle is a wise choice. Viking Pavers offers complete solutions to design your outdoor space that will meet your needs today and in the future.

Paver Driveway Installation

Large homes have the luxury of a driveway. If yours isn’t up to the mark, it may be time for a revamp. Viking Pavers offers you a choice of materials to construct your driveway. Whether choosing different pavement blocks, slabs, stones, or a combination of these to make your driveway stand out, they have it all under one roof.

The installation for these driveways is quick and hassle-free. The results are long-lasting and exhibit impressive workmanship. Your new driveway will provide a smooth drive without the old hindrances.

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Paver Patio Installation

paver patio installed by our prosThe perfect extension to your home is a beautiful patio that can be single or multi-dimensional. It should reflect your character, style, and personality. With a multitude of choices, from simple stone to basalt and even sitting walls to complement your patio, Viking Pavers can do it all.

You can also create separate spaces with simple pavement choices and designate areas for your recreational activities. Add an outdoor fire pit, get the barbeque going, add an outdoor kitchen, and spend long hours entertaining your friends and family.

Synthetic Turf Installation

What good is a front yard without some lush greenery? It’s the perfect space for your children to run and enjoy the outdoors by being themselves. Give them a reason to move away from their virtual addictions indoors and get outdoors to enjoy the wonderful Belmont climate on a kid-friendly turf that’s hassle-free to maintain.

People these days are busy and are constantly moving from task to task.  Mowing the lawn doesn’t have to be one of those tasks any longer. Viking Pavers offers some of the best options in artificial turf allowing you to enjoy your yard without wasting too much time in maintenance. Forget watering or trimming your yard. This artificial turf looks realistic but doesn’t come with any of the responsibilities of natural grass. Once installed, you no longer have to worry about spending your valuable time or spend the money involved in upkeep.

The turf is available in various shades, lengths, and even pet-friendly options to create the perfect space based on your preferences. These easy-to-install and long-lasting turfs are sure to beautify your home and make it picture-perfect.

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