What Inspires Hardscape Designers Heading into the New Year?

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Hardscape Designers in the Bay Area Trends to Watch

Outdoor living is becoming more popular. While this phenomenon might have been driven by the pandemic, the trend is expected to continue through 2022. If you’re thinking about updating your backyard to have more space for living comfortably, here are some ideas from hardscape designers in the Bay Area.

Defined Spaces With Pavers

Create a usable space in your yard by adding pavers to create a surface for washing the car, playing with the kids, or entertaining. Some homeowners are even creating outdoor offices or living rooms to connect with nature and enjoy the benefits of being outdoors. Outdoor kitchens and dining rooms also remain popular, according to paver experts in the Bay Area.

Increased Lighting and Outdoor Technology

Living al fresco needs to be comfortable and functional. Increasing the technology in your backyard makes it more inviting. You can add heating elements, electrical outlets, and WiFi to get your family to join you in nature to breathe in fresh air and appreciate an open-air living space.

Water Features for a Calming Environment

Science reveals that the sound of moving water decreases stress and tension. Paving contractors in the Bay Area can help you design a small fountain or large fish pond in your back yard to enjoy the benefits of a natural garden scape.

Low Water Landscapes

Californians have long been concerned about using so much water in their landscape. Landscapers are designing gardens with drought-tolerant native plants that can withstand a lack of rain. You don’t have to give up on plants throughout your backyard when you plan a low-maintenance landscape that you can enjoy.

Using Pavers for Added Design and Functionality

Pavers aren’t just for creating space, but for adding creative touches to your outdoor space. Create paths to reach areas of your yard that might be otherwise inaccessible. Add pavers to a space in your yard to create a level surface for patio furniture. Design a labyrinth or zen garden with pavers. Add a bench or place to relax.

Contact Landscape Design and Paver Experts in the Bay Area

Now is the time to start thinking about how to upgrade your outdoor living space for summer living. Work with design professionals to explore ways to use your backyard more efficiently.