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Viking Pavers is a leading fire pits contractor serving clients in greater San Francisco Bay Area. Light a fire and break out the marshmallows with a fire pit built by Viking Pavers. Our craftsmen design and install fire pits that burn roaring fires to keep you warm and cozy. There is more love inside you won’t be able to resist. Marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers included with every purchase.

As a homeowner in the Bay Area, it makes sense to invest into your outdoor living. We are lucky to have some of the best weather in the country, and a firepit is one of the best ways to enjoy it even after the sun goes down.

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Great Material Options

At Viking Pavers, we source our products from some of the industry’s most trusted manufacturers, like Calstone, Belgard, and McNear. Together, they offer a wide variety of material options, including:

  • concrete pavers
  • brick pavers
  • flagstone pavers
  • cobble stone pavers
  • natural-stone pavers
  • tumbled-stone pavers
  • interlocking pavers
  • and more

Firm Foundations

All of our installations are built on firm foundations of compacted granite, gravel, and crushed aggregate. That means that your project will remain straight and steady for years to come with virtually no maintenance. We also design every project with drainage in mind, and our installers work closely with our designers to make sure that every project is completed as intended.

Part of a Larger Design

Our fire pits work great as stand-alone installations, but they work even better as part of a larger hardscaping installation. By installing a patio, walkway, paver edging, or retaining wall systems at the same time, you’ll save time, money, and end up with a more consistent design.

Great Deals

We’re always cooking up great deals. Here are the latest promotions that apply to to fire pits.

Awesome Reviews

We’re rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau. Most importantly, we have very satisfied customers.

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Choices Galore

Limitless design possibilities exist with fire pits. Selections include a variety of styles, colors, shapes, and textures. We offer high-quality products from all the leading manufacturers including, but not limited to, Belgard and McNear.

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Outstanding Customer Service

We will do whatever it takes to earn your business. Need samples delivered? Tell us when. Got lots of questions? Ask away. Got a budget? No problem!

Experienced, Professionally Trained & Certified

As a licensed, bonded, and insured California contractor, we have the experience and wisdom of thousands of jobs under our belts. Our installers are professionally trained and certified by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute and the National Concrete Masonry Association.

NCMA | National Concrete Masonry Association web site
NCMA | National Concrete Masonry Association web site

Outstanding Warranty

We’re so confident in the longevity of our fire pits that they come with a 10-year warranty on workmanship and a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty on blocks. Rest assured, a fire pit installed by Viking Pavers is a worry-free investment that will provide enjoyment for years to come.

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Why Your Patio Needs a Fire Pit

  1. Promotes Bonding and Socialization

Are you looking forward to cutting the amount of time your family spends on the television? A fire pit is an awesome way to get everyone outside and have fun talking about their day. Even your teenage children will realize that having a conversation while gazing at some beautiful fire flames is much more fun than staring at the television.

  1. Provides an Awesome Spot for Entertainment

A fire pit creates an inviting and intimate atmosphere for spending some time with friends and family. Plus, you can roast some hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire for some easy snacks. If you are looking to add more space for entertainment, a fire pit is a great addition.

  1. Ambiance

Maybe you are not such a great cook or you are not too keen on throwing parties. Don’t worry, the presence of a fire pit on your patio is appreciated just for its sheer beauty. Whether you are gazing at the stars with your loved one or you are catching up with an old friend, the romance, and ambiance that a fire pit adds is unbeatable.

  1. Aesthetics

Patios are an important feature for any front yard. A great design to complement it can work wonders making your home stand out from any other home in the street by improving its curb appeal. Consider adding a fire pit on your patio to not only act as a source of warmth during winter but to also act as a focal point of your yard.

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Fire Pit Design Tips

Fire pits are becoming increasingly popular among Bay Area homeowners and developers, because they let people enjoy being outside even when the weather turns chilly. (And, as you likely know all too well, the weather here can often take a turn for the chilly when you least expect it.) Plus, nothing beats toasting marshmallows and s’mores in your own back yard with family and friends.

Patio fire pit installation will go smoothly if you follow these steps:

  1. Decide where you want your permanent fire pit to be located. Check with your local officials first. Some communities have regulations that specify where fire pits may be placed. In general, if there are no specific regulations, fire pits should be at least 10 feet away from your home and your neighbors’ homes. Also make sure to leave plenty of space between your fire pit and shrubs and low hanging branches.
  2. When planning the location, leave plenty of room for people to sit and relax around the fire pit. You know your own style better than anyone, so depending on how many people you intend to have at any one time make sure you leave enough space for chairs, guests, and small tables that you might like to place for convenient snacks and beverages.
  3. Don’t install the pit fire near flammable materials, such as wood or grass. Instead, place it near safe materials such as gravel or patio pavers. Additionally, while you should avoid burning your fire pit if it is windy, you may consider employing existing wind buffers around your home to choose your location.
  4. Decide whether you want the pit to burn wood or gas. Some new fire pits allow you to do both. Check with professional patio installers for more information about the latest advances in fire pit technology.
  5. Consider colors and textures that will complement your existing decor when choosing materials for your fire pit. Thanks to the growing popularity of recreational outdoor fire pits, Bay Area patio installers have a wide variety of colors, textures, and styles for you to choose from.