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Installing paver driveways, paver patios, artificial turf & more

our paver contractor in Sausalito finished the installation of this paver driveway

Famous for its bright, sunny weather, Sausalito is one of the best cities for people who enjoy the outdoors and believe in an open concept home. The city’s artistic flair can be seen in the uniquely structured homes and their beautiful outdoor spaces. If you’re looking to beautify your outdoor space in Sausalito, Viking Pavers is the right way to get started.


A beautiful home is only complete with the perfect driveway. If you’ve been contemplating redoing your driveway, you have a wide variety of options. Whether surrounded by lush greenery on either side or a contemporary modern design, a great driveway enhances your home’s appearance and makes getting in and out of your home a pleasant experience.

Viking Pavers offers slate or stone interlock driveway patterns to help provide the perfect path flowing into the street. These driveways are swift to install, long-lasting, and backed by a 25-year warranty on installation. The best part about these driveway pavements is the variety of colors, patterns, structures, and available style options. You no longer need to settle for a mediocre driveway that dampens the look of your home.


If you love entertaining, you can put your front or backyard to perfect use with the right patio. Add a splash of color, texture, or unique pattern to the space with professionals who will do the job efficiently. With various patio options, you can decide whether you want something to blend with your pool or withstand the heat of your barbeque–or both! Viking Pavers can also help you set up your outdoor kitchen with a kitchen island, rotisserie, pizza oven, sink, and more. With such impressive facilities, you can cook and eat on your patio while enjoying the breathtaking beauty of Sausalito.

A well-constructed patio is multifunctional, and with the perfect outdoor weather in Sausalito, you know it will be put to the best use to create fond memories. Viking Pavers uses only the best paving materials, which ensures your pavement is long lasting, requires minimal maintenance, and looks as good as new–even for years to come.

Artificial Turf

artificial turf installed by our pros

Make your outdoor space pop with lush greenery minus the maintenance. If you’ve ever envied a lush green lawn and craved one of your own, here’s a chance to get yours without worrying about maintenance.

Viking Pavers delivers high-quality artificial turf where both children and adults can enjoy spending time. Whether you want to feel the grass beneath your feet while gardening or have a fun area for your children to enjoy, this turf will last a long time, With multiple customization options, you can choose the length of grass, pattern, and color based on your preference.

Pet owners can pick synthetic turf that is specifically designed for pets to give your furry friend some fun lawn time. With low-maintenance and easy-to-clean solutions, you’ll never have to worry about keeping your pet off the grass again.

Upgrade your home and give your neighbors in Sausalito a reason to envy your space. Contact Viking Pavers today for a free consultation.