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Living in Alamo is a dream-come-true. Quaintly placed on the rolling hills of Contra Costa County, Alamo flaunts some of the poshest real estate you’ll see in California. From large estates running for miles to the breathtaking panoramic view of Mount Diablo Valley and the lush green surroundings complementing the well-connected markets and social spots, Alamo offers the best of all worlds.

Living in Alamo, you know that one of the best ways to spend your spare time is basking in the sun on your very own patio. Viking Pavers can help make that dream a reality by laying the right foundation for your outdoor space. With the beautiful weather and clean, fresh air the last thing you want to do is stay cooped up inside your home. If you have the outside space and are wondering how to spruce it up and make it more livable, here are some exciting additions you can make.

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Paver Driveways

The first thing visitors notice when they set foot on your property is the driveway. A well-maintained driveway adds an aesthetic curb appeal to your home. With Viking Pavers, you can choose between going “old school” with rustic charm or modern and contemporary with a flair of elegance. These driveways can match your patio or stand out on their own.

Paver Patios

A beautiful patio is a must-have if you’re in Alamo. A patio is versatile, easy to maintain, and allows you to spend quality time alone or with company. A backyard patio gives you the perfect excuse to get outdoors to take in the beautiful, picturesque scenery around you. Besides, the weather here is usually lovely!

When done right, a patio can last a long time without any significant problems. A patio can be installed, in a short period of tie, if you have the right craftsmen doing the job. Whether you plan to install a simple patio or go over the top with a complete outdoor entertainment space, you’ll want it to be one of high quality.

Some paving stones come with a 25-year installation warranty, which speaks volumes about the durability and quality of the product. A strong and versatile patio is just the beginning for creating some of the best memories in your backyard. Once you’ve decided on a patio, you can add an outdoor kitchen, lovely furniture, or maybe a kid’s play area. There are many options to suit all your needs.

paver pool deck installation with gently sloping curve in Alamo, California

Pool Decks

When most people think “pool decks,” they think of wood. But wood and long-term water exposure don’t tend to mix, concrete can get slippery when wet, and textured aggregate concrete just doesn’t look that great.

That’s why so many people are turning to pavers for their pool decks. We offer dozens of high-texture material options that can create the perfect pool deck for your home by integrating seamlessly into your hardscape and landscape. We can even work to connect your pool deck to other features, such as fire pits and seating areas. Paver pool decks offer the ultimate combination of attractiveness, safety, and longevity, making them the perfect choice for discerning homeowners.

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Outdoor Kitchens

pavers installed for an outdoor kitchenOne of the most interesting additions is building an outdoor kitchen. There’s nothing quite as impressive as a kitchen when entertaining outdoors. Whether it’s a BBQ island for grilling, or a pizza oven, Viking Pavers can help you with customizable solutions to bring out your inner chef. Outdoor kitchens can be simple or fully functional, just like your indoor kitchen. You can even add a refrigerator to save on the number of trips you need to make between your indoor and outdoor kitchens.

An outdoor kitchen isn’t only convenient for when you choose to entertain. It’s multifunctional and helps to keep strong cooking odors from inside the home. Let’s face it–it’s just more fun to cook outdoors! You can even involve the family, making it an interactive experience.

So Many Paver Options

Interlocking Concrete Pavers:
– Durable and versatile
– Interlocking design provides stability and strength
– Wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes available
– Suitable for various applications such as driveways, walkways, and patios

Permeable Pavers:
– Environmentally friendly design allows water to pass through
– Helps reduce stormwater runoff and prevent erosion
– Can contribute to sustainable and green building practices
– Suitable for areas with strict water management regulations

Brick Pavers:
– Traditional and classic appearance
– Time-tested durability
– Available in various colors and patterns
– Commonly used for pathways, driveways, and outdoor spaces

Clay Pavers:
– Natural material with earthy tones
– Resistant to fading and discoloration
– Non-slip surface provides good traction
– Ideal for creating a rustic or traditional aesthetic

-Natural Stone Pavers:
– Luxurious and elegant appearance
– Wide variety of materials, including granite, limestone, and travertine
– Naturally durable and weather-resistant
– Adds a unique and timeless quality to outdoor spaces

Travertine Pavers:
– Light and porous natural stone
– Cooler to the touch than some other materials
– Provides a distinctive and sophisticated look
– Suitable for pool decks, patios, and walkways

Cobblestone Pavers:
– Historic and charming aesthetic
– Durable and can withstand heavy loads
– Creates a timeless and Old World atmosphere
– Available in various sizes and shapes

Flagstone Pavers:
– Natural stone with irregular shapes and textures
– Creates a rustic and organic appearance
– Excellent for pathways, patios, and garden spaces
– Allows for unique and creative layouts

-Composite Pavers:
– Made from a combination of recycled materials
– Durable and low-maintenance
– Available in various styles and colors
– Resistant to fading, staining, and mold growth

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Whether you want a small walkway or are ready to completely transform your outdoor living space, we can help you understand your options and choose the best solution for your unique needs. From building a new patio with a built in fire pit, to redoing a driveway, to building a custom pizza oven, we can do it all.


We typically beat leading competitors by up to 20%. If you already have a bid for your project, feel free to get a second opinion from our experts.

Firm Foundations

All of our paver projects are installed on firm foundations of crushed gravel and aggregate, and then finished with polymeric sand and sealant for a long-lasting, weed-free installation.

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