Landscapers in the Bay Area Share Top 5 Outdoor Living Design Ideas

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Outdoor living has been on trend for many years. Using your backyard as an additional living or entertaining space adds a lot of value to your home, whether you’re planning on selling in the future or not. No matter where you live, when you include these outdoor living design ideas, you create a home that fits your style. Landscape contractors in the Bay Area can help you get more out of your backyard.

Outdoor Kitchens

Cooking and eating al fresco are a long way from just grilling on the patio. With today’s hardscaping elements, you can add an entire kitchen to your backyard to enjoy all year round, any time you have a nice day and want to get outside. Cover your outdoor kitchen with a pavilion to use even when the sun isn’t shining. Get your hardscape company in the Bay Area to install pavers for a long lasting, attractive outdoor surface.

Outdoor Media Center

Need additional space for a movie screening or for a group of bored teenagers? Build a media center in your backyard that incorporates technology into your space. Set it amidst a fireplace or fire pit and you can enjoy your center even when the weather gets chilly. Who wouldn’t love sipping hot apple cider and making s’mores while you watch your favorite flick?

Outdoor Lounging

You don’t need a pool or hot tub to make a space to relax in your backyard. When you design an outside space that fits your lifestyle, you can include many elements that increase your living space without remodeling your home. With pavers installed as pathways to your new spaces, you can easily transition between indoors and outdoors.

Extended Hardscape Elements

The hardscaping elements in your garden have many functions, one of which is to reduce the need for lawn maintenance and care. Think about installing a large flooring outside your home using beautiful pavers that give you more space for entertaining and living. Less grass means less watering and mowing, saving you time.

Outdoor Patio Bars

Holding a cocktail party outside is a way to make your event memorable. Add a patio bar onto your outdoor kitchen or install one separately to make magic anytime you want. With a small refrigerator right under your bar, you can create all types of drinks and enjoy food under the sun or stars. Enjoy

Viking Pavers Hardscape Company in the Bay Area

Got ideas for your outside space but don’t know where to start? Talk to landscapers in the Bay Area who can take your plans and turn them into reality. Viking Pavers can help with all your hardscape and landscape design projects, contact us today for a free consultation.