Landscape Design for Summer Entertaining and Relaxing – Is Your Back Yard Summer Ready?

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Landscape Design Companies Can Help Improve Your Time Spent Outdoors

Summertime is peak outdoor season. Whether you spend all day working in your garden, playing outdoors, or relaxing in the sun, you want your backyard landscape design to match your lifestyle and personality. This is the perfect season to make improvements to your outdoor living space, so think about how you want to use your back yard and dream about what you can do to get more use out of your space. Talk to professional landscape contractors in the Bay Area to find solutions.

Outdoor Entertaining Ideas

You could build an entire outdoor kitchen to make summer parties more fun and accessible. If that’s not in your budget this year, start with an outdoor fire pit where you can roast hot dogs over an open flame and make s’mores when the sun goes down. Placing pavers around the fire pit will make it safer and give you a place to walk or put down additional seating. A refrigerator on your patio can keep your family from running back and forth to the kitchen, saving time and money. If you love to entertain, make room outside to take the party under the sun or stars. Next year, maybe you can install a pizza oven beside your grill for even more entertaining ideas.

Outdoor Relaxing Ideas

The ideal outdoor relaxation space would be a pool, spa and cabana, but that is a huge project that might not be easily buildable in a few weeks. Instead, work with professional landscape design in the Bay Area to start to create the backyard where you can find your oasis. Start with pavers to outline the area. Add lounge chairs, an umbrella and some hanging lights for evening cool-downs. Plan for the next stage, a waterfall or fish pond where you can find sanctuary.

Outdoor Play and Fun

If you want to do more in your backyard, create a living space complete with seating, a fireplace and an entertainment center. Install outlets so everyone can charge their devices and you have power for speakers, TVs and music accessories. Landscaping companies in the Bay Area can help you plan out the space to make it comfortable and to fit in your current arrangement. You might want to keep some of your well-manicured lawn to play croquet or other lawn games when everyone needs a break from the electronics.

Combine Hardscaping and Landscape Design in the Bay Area for Many Benefits

Get more use out of your backyard when you include hardscaping elements that make it more functional for your lifestyle. As you put in more hardscaping, you decrease your need for watering your lawn and maintaining your gardens. Choose native plants that grow well in the Bay Area for even less maintenance. If you enjoy living outdoors, make your home a haven with the outdoor elements that fit your lifestyle.

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