Why Satellite Patios are a Popular New Landscape Design Feature in the Bay Area

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There’s a new trend in backyard Bay Area landscape design trend that is taking landscapes to a new level. It’s a patio that is completely removed from the home, called a satellite patio. This secondary seating area is created away from the main deck. The formal gardens in Europe would often have many seating areas created to take advantage of different vantage points to appreciate the garden. Today’s homeowners can adopt these design ideas into their own landscape with a little bit of creativity.

Reasons Satellite Patios Work Well with Landscape Design

A satellite patio creates a more intimate setting away from the home. You might add seating close to the pool to let swimmers dry off and enjoy some sun before heading back to the house. Satellite patios can be a nice retreat away from the main house where you can enjoy a cup of tea and have a different view of your garden. Your satellite patio can also be an evening retreat where you can hold a small fire away from the home. Professional landscape design in the Bay area can increase the usability of your backyard and enhance the aesthetics of your home.

Landscape Design Tips for Satellite Patios

Paving contractors in the Bay Area can offer assistance in making your landscape work for your needs. A satellite patio doesn’t have to be in the backyard. You might choose to place a table and benches in the front yard or off to the side of your driveway. Connect the satellite patio to the rest of the yard with stone pavers, giving guests a safe walkway. Stone lasts a long time and pavers can be customized to your landscape design, making the path feel organic to the rest of the yard.

Some homeowners elevate a satellite patio, making it a focal point in the yard. This can make a small yard feel larger by giving two distinct areas in the garden. Satellite patios can transform an odd-shaped backyard into a contemporary and modern garden through well thought out landscape design.

Bay Area Paving Contractors that Install Pavers

Contact the paver installation experts in the Bay Area for more ideas on building a satellite patio in your backyard as well as driveways, walkways, patios, outdoor kitchens, and fire pits.