Dream Big as You Think About New Landscape Design in the Bay Area

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Winter is a Great Time to Start a Landscape Design Project in the Bay Area

One of the best times of year to start thinking about your backyard is the cooler months when you don’t get to be outside as much. Landscaping companies in the Bay Area want to help you dream big to create the backyard that will make you comfortable all year long. During the winter, you’ve got time to really think about all the things you want to do when the weather is pleasant. Need to know where to start?

Make a List of What You Want

Think about how you use your yard in the summer. Do you enjoy an outdoor fireplace? Do you like to watch the sunrise or sunset? Do you entertain and want to have parties in your backyard? Don’t worry about the logistics yet. Just get your ideas down on paper. You can sort out the wildest ideas from the impossibles and must-haves later on.

Save Pictures For Things You Love

Now look through pictures of the things you love. Save the pictures. You’ll start to see some themes emerging. You’ll probably see color palettes that you like. This can help you start to narrow in what you really like and want. Go ahead and dream a little. Now isn’t the time to be inhibited by space and budget.

Design Large Scale – Build in Stages

Contact a professional who handles landscape design in the Bay Area to help you plan your backyard. Here’s where you need to start honing in on what you really want. Your design team can help you put together a plan where you can start adding hardscape elements that fit the way you live. Install walkways to define your space. Create areas of interest where you can watch the sunset while you sit under a pergola and enjoy an outdoor fireplace in one section of your yard, while in another you install a grill and dining room table to have quiet meals dining al fresco.

Look at Your Budget

Spend money on your master plan because with a plan to do your yard from a professional, you’ll have knowledge on how to implement a plan most affordably. Ask paver experts in the Bay Area to help you find ways to save money by reusing and recycling current materials in your yard and watching for sales to find furniture. Splurge on quality materials that are durable against the Bay Area weather.

Your backyard can be a haven when you carefully design the landscape for how you live.

Bay Area Landscape Design Experts

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