Design a Year-Round Bay Area Backyard with Winter-Friendly Touches

Landscape Design in the Bay Area

Winter-Friendly Landscape Design in the Bay Area

If you’ve invested in a backyard oasis for summer entertaining, you may want to take advantage of your outdoor living space in the colder months. A few simple ideas from a paving contractor in the Bay Area can help transform your patio into a cozy retreat when the temperatures are cooler.

Add Lighting

Use tea lights, fairy lights, or outdoor string lights to decorate your porch or pergola to make the space more inviting. Go for a whimsical look by adding outdoor animals with lights that are popular around the holidays. Solar lights for pathways are another great idea to add extra lighting to help keep people safe and make the space cozier.

Use a Fire Pit

Paving companies can help you install a fire pit for a cozy bonfire on a cool evening. Keep a supply of marshmallows and long forks in your kitchen to get everyone talking and enjoying the fire. Stack a few blankets on the patio seating to help everyone stay warm.

Add Some Color

Talk to the company who handles your landscape design in the Bay Area about adding some plants that give winter color, such as holly, evergreens, or flowering kale. Wrap ribbons around your containers or hang a wreath outside to give your patio a festive vibe. Pick up some new pillows that are brightly colored to put on your patio seating.

Hang Up Some Bird Feeders

Give the local birds an easy way to find food through the cooler months by hanging up some feeders. The birds will bring activity and color to your yard, making it more interesting for everyone. Keep it cleaned up to avoid other wildlife.

Get an Outdoor Heater

Not ready to invest in a fire pit? Look for a space heater that is safe for outdoor use so you can sit outside and not freeze on the coolest evenings. Create a cozy circle around the heater so everyone can enjoy it.

Use a Rug on Your Patio

Rugs add warmth to a room. They’ll do the same for your patio. Choose a neutral color that won’t look out of place after the holiday or in the spring as you update the style of your patio. Just put it over the pavers on your patio around where you sit. Look for an outdoor rug that will stand up to the elements.

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Need more ideas? Your local paving company has plenty of outside ideas to transform your backyard into a premiere living space.