Paving Contractors in the Bay Area Explore Driveway Paving Options

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Why Bay Area Paver Experts Love Concrete Paver Stones?

When it comes to paving a driveway, there are three main options: asphalt, concrete pavers, and poured concrete. This article describes all three options in detail, and it shows why Bay Area paver experts prefer concrete pavers over the other choices.


Asphalt driveways are the least expensive of the three driveway options; however, the price difference is not staggering. Costs vary depending on the project, but Angie’s List estimates their starting price point as $2 to $5 per square foot. These driveways require somewhat frequent maintenance from paving contractors in the Bay Area, but the maintenance itself is not overly difficult. With proper upkeep, these driveways last up to 30 years, according to writer Michelle Ullman.

Asphalt driveways encounter difficulties in areas with particularly hot or variable weather. Temperature shifts can cause the asphalt to shrink and expand, contributing to wear and tear. Additionally, asphalt is somewhat limited aesthetically: It comes only in black and has to be rolled into a uniform, flat surface. Some people choose to go for asphalt because it is relatively cheap and can be used quickly after installation, but its drawbacks should be kept in mind.

Poured Concrete

Poured concrete driveways are a bit more expensive than asphalt driveways, clocking in at $3 to $10 per square foot, per Angie’s List. These driveways need repairs less frequently than asphalt driveways. The tradeoff is that the repairs are tougher to complete. Freezing temperatures may cause these driveways to crack.

The longevity of concrete driveways is greater than that of asphalt driveways, estimated at 30 to 40 years by Ullman. However, like asphalt, poured concrete is not very flexible when it comes to achieving different looks. Bay Area paving contractors advise that after installation, concrete driveways need to sit and cure for seven days before use.

Concrete Pavers

A concrete paver driveway is made up of pieces of concrete that fit together to form a single driving surface. As highlighted by home improvement website The Spruce, pavers can withstand much more pressure than standard concrete. They are also competitive from a price standpoint, coming in at $3 to $10 per square foot—though like the other options, pricing will vary from project to project.

After they are installed, concrete pavers are easy to take care of. They are simple to clean using a hose or broom. Another low-effort maintenance step is to remove weeds once they appear. Bay Area landscaping companies can help with this, or you can do it yourself. Occasional stain removal may be necessary as well. In the event a paver does become damaged, This Old House‘s Jennifer Huber points out that repairs are not complicated: Just pull up the damaged pavers, make the repairs, and return the pavers to their places.

With proper maintenance, concrete pavers can easily last up to 50 years, making them the most durable driveway option available. On top of that, pavers come in a wide array of styles and colors. Among the three driveway styles, concrete pavers are the most aesthetically flexible and by many accounts the most attractive.

Given their competitive price point, durability, ease of maintenance, and attractive looks, it’s no wonder concrete pavers are the top choice of so many homeowners and paving companies.

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