How to Prevent Weed Growth Between Pavers

Patio Paver Maintenance Weeds

Here at Viking Pavers we install our pavers with a polymeric sand between the pavers which will dramatically help weed growth prevention. If your pavers weren’t installed with the polymeric sand or it’s worn away from the years or from poor maintenance, these tips will help your chances in the battle against ugly weeds.

Here is how you can prevent paver weed growth:

Keep the pavers drained

Just like any other type of vegetation, weeds need moisture to grow from seeds to shoots. If you can keep pavers spaces dry, then you are creating a harsh environment that will not support the growth of any vegetation within the cracks.
Keep your pavers clean

This is very important. If your pavers are constantly dirty and unkempt, then there is plenty of dust lying around. Within dust and debris, there are plenty of seeds that could find their way into the cracks and start germinating if the conditions are right. Cleaning your pavers means there are no seeds lying around-or humus to support their growth.

Scrub the areas between pavers

At times, cleaning simply isn’t enough. Even after draining and sweeping your pavers week after week, there is an amount of dirt that will still seep through and grab a hold. You should stay at the top of this kind of problem by finding ways to continually scrub this dirt off the surface of pavers and between the various blocks. If possible, get a hose with high velocity gusts of water and sprinkle the are involved. Remember to have the area drained afterward because as indicated earlier, moisture creates conditions that allow weeds to thrive.

Finding a great hardscape company gives you the confidence that the pavers built will stand the test of time.

However, these paver installations need careful maintenance if they are to overcome the rigors of the outdoors. You will need to make sure that your pavers are clean and well-drained at all times. You do not want to suffer the loss of hundreds of dollars just because some weeds sprout up between the cracks of your pavers.

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