Are You Liable for an Injury on a Neighborhood Walkway?

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Walkways installers in the Bay Area know there is some gray area when it comes to liability for injuries sustained on paved spaces, like walkways, sidewalks, and patios. First, it is key to determine where the accident happened. Who is liable? Read more to learn who is responsible in these situations- and when a business, community, or injured party could be liable.

Walkways Installers in the Bay Area Look at Liability

Avoid potential legal liability and enlist the help of paving contractors Bay Area for your property. Keep your paved spaces maintained and safe for all who use them. Here is what property owners need to know:

The Laws Vary

When it comes to the law governing liability and deeming responsibility, the laws vary depending on where you are. In some regions, the maintenance of all public spaces and sidewalks falls to the local authorities- but not all.

Maintaining Public Pavement

Maintaining and repairing sidewalks and paved spaces falls to the owner- figure out who owns the piece of property where an accident or injury occurs. For instance, it could belong to a housing association, a local business, or the town.  When these are ill-maintained or in need of repair, local law will dictate who pays damages to the injured party.

Private Parties May be Liable

Sidewalks and walks can be privately owned too. Ask walkways installers in the Bay Area about the number of property owners that are installing and hardscaping- if accidents occur, it becomes the property owner’s liability. While private and public paved areas typically serve the same purpose, ownership also points to who is responsible in the event of an accident.

Avoid Accidents When Possible

If you fail to maintain your property, private or public, and someone falls and becomes injured, you will likely be liable. For instance, if someone falls on the ice, you failed to keep the property clear and safe. Again, specific regions have distinct laws when it comes to liability for a fall on sidewalks and pavement. The best approach is to keep your property well maintained.

Paving Contractors in the Bay Area

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