Hardscape Designers Share Why Paver Patios and Backyard Hardscapes Are Trending

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Paver Experts Check in on Developments in Hardscaping in the Bay Area

Hardscaping is one of the newest trends in landscaping. It’s not that hardscaping itself is new. You’ve walked on paths through parks and enjoyed waterfalls and Zen gardens for years. Hardscaping is the man-made features of the landscape. What makes hardscaping trendy is how people are using it in cohesion with the landscaping including the trees, shrubs and grasses in your yard. Hardscape designers in the Bay Area can help you design a landscape that fits your family’s personality and style.

What Does Hardscape Look Like in 2020?

Paver experts in the Bay Area have many ideas for hardscape elements in your yard. Outdoor living rooms and kitchens are more popular than ever before. A grill on the patio is nice, but you have many other options to make your yard more livable. Hardscaping makes the outside of your home as attractive as the inside. Here are some popular hardscape trends:

  • Fire features – fire pits and outdoor fireplaces
  • Intricately designed walkways and patios made with durable concrete pavers
  • Outdoor kitchens, living areas, and dining rooms
  • Smart irrigation and landscape lighting that can be controlled through smartphone apps
  • Pergolas and arbors that create shaded, sheltered areas for relaxing or dining

Hardscape elements use sustainable materials and take the place of traditionally grass areas, reducing the need for all the water and maintenance associated with a well groomed lawn. Combining hardscaping with attractive native plants that are more resistant to drought and better suited for your area add eco-friendliness and affordability to landscaping projects. Low maintenance and well thought out hardscape designs increase the value of your home and give you more reasons to spend time outdoors.

Why Are Hardscape Elements on Trend?

Modern hardscape elements are popular for many reasons. The water and time saving aspects of hardscaping are just one reason. Lawns are expensive to maintain and take a lot of resources. Hardscaping elements include patios and outdoor rooms that expand the use of your yard. Your flower garden may only bloom three to four months out of the year. An outdoor terrace where you can grill and entertain can be used all year long. You can’t avoid the practicality of hardscaping. You’ll lower your water bill. You won’t spend so much time or money maintaining your yard and all that time you saved can instead be spent relaxing or enjoying cooking up some excellent cuisine on your back yard grill. Your city may even have rebates or incentives for using less water on your landscape.

Professional Hardscape Designers Shows You What Is Possible

Contact a professional hardscape company in the Bay Area to learn more about ideas that can take your backyard to the next level. Find ways to build the home of your dreams by including your yard. Call Viking Pavers at (800) 941-1014 or request a free consultation today!