The Difference Between Landscape and Hardscape

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You will hear landscapers and construction teams using the terms “hardscape” and “landscape.” People not in the home improvement business usually confuse the two words. Some people may also think that the two words mean the basically same thing. They do not, and people thinking about improving their yard, patio or driveway should understand the difference between them.

What is Hardscape?

In the context of landscape design and management, hardscape refers to the non-living stuff used in any landscape design such as pavers, patios, rocks, bricks among other materials. It may also include other useful structures such as decoratively placed sprinklers or even pavements that absorb water from the natural rains. Typically, hardscape is employed during the initial stages of landscaping to add some special features that convert the area into the desired shape. By constructing vertical structures such as walls, stone benches or paved driveways, the soil structure is considerably strengthened. Also, it prevents erosion. Re-creation or ornamental beautification of property structures such as swimming pools and fountains are an example of hardscape that is employed to fortify the whole landscape structure.

What is Landscape?

Landscape is alternatively referred to as softscape. It is the part that encompasses all the living things in any landscape design such as soil, trees and flowers. The “soft” part of your landscape can be permanent or temporary depending on your taste and preference. Evergreen trees and shrubs are typically used in most permanent landscape design while seasonal plants and flowering bulbs are planted in changeable landscapes.

Understanding the difference between the soft and hard elements is the first step towards designing and building an effective landscape. However, it’s not easy to figure out how the two can be blended harmoniously in a design to achieve a breath-taking total landscape. It is good to consider some factors such as the yard’s structural integrity, topography and the surrounding structures such as homes, driveways, and walkways. Also, drainage should be considered to prevent erosion and pooling of water. An ideal combination of hardscape and softscape design can result in a dollop of intrigue for the viewer, or even impress them as a masterpiece!

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