The Growing Popularity of Synthetic Grass

Advice on Bay Area Landscape Design

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Over the past decade, homeowners and designers in the Bay Area have been utilizing synthetic grass in an ever-increasing and diverse set of projects. This surge in the material’s popularity stems in part from its long lasting and maintenance-free nature. Advances in fiber technology mean manufacturers can now create more realistic looking grass. This in turn allows homeowners to use synthetic grass in their landscape design plans to save money and time and still maintain a good-looking lawn.

Installing synthetic grass can save you thousands of dollars on landscaping costs and utilities. You will no longer have to water, fertilize, or weed your lawn ever again. Synthetic grass is easy to maintain, and it can last up to 25 years if taken care of properly. Surveys suggest that homeowners on average spend 150 hours a year maintaining real lawns. This alternative landscaping paradigm is much simpler: just use a leaf blower to blow off debris, and hose off pet waste and other stuck-on debris. That’s all it basically takes to keep synthetic grass “healthy” and beautiful. If you live in a drought-prone area, your water company may even offer rebates for artificial grass — up to $1 per square foot. Considering the awful water crunch that the Bay Area currently faces, you could earn smiles from your neighbors for pitching in by making this transition.

Since synthetic grass offers so many money-saving and environmental benefits, it’s not hard to see why its popularity has risen by 15% per year recently. Moreover, industry specialists continue to improve the look and applications for synthetic grass, and they’re currently looking for novel ways to recycle old synthetic grass into other usable materials.

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