Does Synthetic Grass Lawn Have a Place in Your Landscaping?

bay area synthetic turf installation

Synthetic lawn grass (or artificial turf) is constructed of synthetic fibers to look and feel like natural grass. While artificial turf has been used in sports fields for many years, synthetic grass is now becoming much more common in residential and commercial applications. Today’s synthetic turf systems feature longer fibers and sand infills to look and feel close to natural grass. To have the synthetic grass landscaping of your dreams, don’t do it yourself. Instead, seek professional landscapers in the Bay Area who are synthetic lawn experts.

Reasons to Install Synthetic Grass Lawns in the Bay Area

There are many reasons to consider installing a synthetic grass lawn, and it goes way beyond simply trying to “one-up” your property in your neighborhood:

  1. This grass is low maintenance. No more Saturdays filled with the drudgery of mowing and then dumping the grass clippings. No more re-seeding, fertilizing, or endless weed removal.
  2. No brown spots and no dead or bare spots so the grassy area can look even better than your old lawn all the time.
  3. The surface is kid and pet friendly.
  4. Landscaping companies in the Bay Area who install synthetic grass know that synthetic grass requires no constant watering, so it saves money. And, that is key in drought conditions and in many locales today that impose water use restrictions.
  5. Synthetic grass lawns require no chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides, so they are safer for humans and don’t contribute in those ways to soil and water pollution. And, no noxious emissions from gas lawnmowers.

Great Landscaping Ideas–Places to Use Synthetic Grass Lawn

Synthetic grass is amazingly versatile. Here are some great ways:

  1. Simply replace the existing lawn (all or some of it) with synthetic grass.
  2. Use synthetic grass walkways, either alone or with attractive paving stones.
  3. Install a backyard putting green. How cool is that?
  4. Build a backyard sports field—a very level playing field that is easier to care for and doesn’t get muddy in the rain.
  5. Build a good-looking dog run.
  6. Accent a patio or deck space or create an outdoor entertaining area.
  7. Use synthetic grass as an attractive wrap-around pool deck.
  8. Put synthetic grass on a hillside for much easier care and to prevent erosion.
  9. Use synthetic grass to frame other landscaped areas of your property.

Expert synthetic grass lawns in the Bay Area require contractors who have the knowledge and experience to bring your landscaping desires and ideas into artful reality.

Landscaping Companies in the Bay Area Install Synthetic Grass Lawns

In short, it takes much more than two guys and a truck to install synthetic grass lawns. While synthetic lawns may seem easy to install (just roll it out and nail it down, right?) it does require expertise to get it right. Synthetic grass lawns in the Bay Area take experts to ensure the work is done right. Viking Pavers can help you get a great looking and easy to maintain yard, offering paver driveways, patios, walkways, landscape design and synthetic grass lawns. Call (800) 941-1014 or contact us for a free consultation today!