Rain Rain Go Away, My Yard is Flooding!

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We might pray for rain most of the year to avoid a drought, but seriously, this year’s rainfall is a lot. While you may not notice any serious problems right away, all this water can damage your yard and your home. If your yard has drainage problems or pooling water, you may need to talk to a paving contractors in the Bay Area to find solutions for your soggy grass.

Common Lawn Problems When It Rains

When your yard has too much water, it might be fun the first day. Unfortunately, standing water is a big problem waiting to happen. Mosquitoes use puddles to breed. The moisture can cause mold or mildew to form around pavers or other items in your yard. Waterlogged grounds can damage the foundation of your home or garage. When water doesn’t follow a good path to drain in your yard, it can create even more erosion issues through the year. You will lose the good soil and plants in your yard, putting your landscape at risk when it rains again. Water pooling occurs for many reasons, most of which can be solved with a little creativity in your landscape design in the Bay Area.

Solutions For Poor Water Drainage

Landscape design in the Bay Area can solve many water problems. If water is pooling in your driveway, a trench along the side of the driveway provides a place for water to runoff. These drains can also be installed in your yard to help water drain to where you direct instead of allowing it to drain where it chooses, because it will erode the soil and destroy your plants.

Retaining walls are another option that can prevent a soggy yard and awkward drainage issues. Many yards slope, but when rain impacts the ground, there’s nothing there to hold the soil in place. A well-engineered retaining wall is designed to withstand the force of the earth to keep the soil where you want. Attractive retaining walls landscaping can be installed to beautify the space without creating problems with your retaining wall.

Walking paths in your yard can also help create drainage so that you can enjoy your yard, even when it rains for days on end. Our landscape designers can help you find hardscape elements that are both beautiful and functional in your yard, providing direction for water and adding dimension to your garden. Watch what is happening to your yard when it rains, so you can alert your landscaper to problems that are unseen when its dry.

Paving Contractors in the Bay Area Design Yards With Proper Drainage

You can’t stop the rain, but you can create a beautiful yard that drains efficiently so that your garden isn’t a breeding ground for pests and bacteria. You can design a yard that allows drainage to protect your home and property. Contact landscaping companies in the Bay Area to find solutions for your yard drainage issues.