Hillside Stabilization – Do I Need a Retaining Wall?

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Mother Nature can wreak havoc on your landscape. Freezing temperatures in the winter months expand the soil to cause divots in the ground. Torrential downpours in the spring cause erosion. Summer droughts dry up the ground, destabilizing your garden. In some cases, the solution might be a retaining wall. A retaining wall is a structure that provides support and stability in places that might buckle under the weight of the soil. Retaining walls in your landscaping add dimension and functionality. Would your landscape benefit from retaining walls?

Why You Might Need Paving Contractors to Install a Retaining Wall

Does Your Garden Have Sloping?

Retaining walls are great for uneven landscaping that has a tendency to runoff. In a steeply graded yard, water runoff can cause soil to be lost. Incorporating retaining walls into your landscape evens out the ground. Using your retaining walls with system pavers in the Bay Area can make drainage better for your entire yard. Retaining walls can also help you control the sunlight of certain areas in the garden, to keep your plants warmer in the winter.

Do You Have Unusable Land?

Farmers have used agricultural terraces for generations to get more use out of land that might normally be unsuitable for farming. In your own landscaping, you can use the same techniques to get more out of land that isn’t level. Retaining walls are designed to keep the soil behind the wall in place, preventing erosion and managing the flow of runoff.

Are You Near a Fault Line?

Fault lines are where earthquakes can occur and cause the ground to shift. If your home is located below a fault line, the soil could slide away from the fault line, threatening your home through erosion. A retaining wall provides added stability to keep the dirt from washing into your yard and washing out of the yard.

Make Sure Your Retaining Wall Is Installed Correctly

Retaining walls need to be engineered to provide stability and include drainage for the wall. An improperly designed and installed retaining wall will bulge, lean or crack. During the worst that Mother Nature throws, a poorly constructed retaining wall could break, unleashing the dirt, mud and rocks into your garden and possibly on your home.

Work with the Best Retaining Walls and Landscaping Contractors in the Bay Area

Work with a professional landscaping contractor to get the most value out of your retaining wall in your landscape. You can get beautiful retaining walls that add character to your yard, turning an unused section of land into an inviting location with added seating. When your landscape is designed well, retaining walls can make it easier to take care of plants throughout the year.

Retaining walls have many benefits in your landscape, from functionality to performance & safety. These structural measures to maintain your landscape can make your home more resilient and more attractive. Contact Viking Pavers, paving contractors in the Bay Area, to discuss your landscaping needs.