Is Your Retaining Wall Landscaping Oriented or Structural?

retainng wall landscaping design

Hardscaping is an important part of your landscape design. Man-made elements in your garden help to organize the space and define how it is used. Concrete paths designate walking areas. Driveways show where cars can park. Walls provide structure and definition. There are different types of walls, retaining walls and garden walls. It’s important to understand the difference between the types of walls in your hardscape yard design.

What are retaining walls?

Retaining walls are hardscape elements that keep the earth in place. The retaining wall is generally stronger and built with different construction materials to maintain the shape of your garden. Although the wall can be decorative, its purpose is to hold the dirt where you want it.

Retaining walls can prevent a hill from eroding into your yard. You may have a large slope or drop off that needs to be contained. Retaining walls are built with drainage pipe and may need to be approved by your municipality. Engineers may also need to be involved to make sure that the wall can withstand the pressure of the earth. Your retaining wall installers in the Bay Area will have the resources to build your wall properly.

What is a garden wall?

Garden walls are elements of your landscape that provide visual interest. These walls are not meant to withstand the pressure of a hill of dirt like the retaining wall. Typically, these walls are no higher than two feet. They are usually built of stone and concrete, but don’t need to be as sturdy as a retaining wall.

Garden walls are usually more decorative and used for retaining wall landscaping rather than structural strength. Garden wall stone is lightweight and smaller than stone used in retaining walls, which provides more options. These walls are meant to be admired and to complement the landscaping.

Don’t Confuse Retaining Wall with Landscaping Walls

Building a garden wall where you need a retaining wall will lead to failure. You should make sure you’re installing the materials used in your walls according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Proper preparation of the landscape is imperative for your hardscape elements. When you’re designing your landscape, you’ll need to consider the use of the space and what you need the wall to do.

Contact professional paving contractors in the Bay Area to install your hardscaping materials for best results.