Retaining Walls and Landscaping Take Hillsides from Useless to Beautiful

bay area retaining walls landscaping

When you first admired the hills in your backyard, you probably didn’t give a thought about the erosion that happens every time in rains. If your landscape isn’t as pristine as you’d like, it’s time to consider transforming your landscape design in the Bay Area. Retaining walls add beauty and function to your backyard.

Benefits of Retaining Walls

The practical benefits of retaining walls in landscaping include:

  • These structures keep the soil in place, which prevents sinkholes.
  • Retaining walls prevent erosion and flooding, which can damage your home.
  • Maintenance is reduced after storms, because the debris won’t flood your yard.

Retaining walls aren’t only functional, they can add beauty to your yard. Incorporate retaining walls into your landscape by using them to showcase bright flowers and beautiful plants. Multi-tiers through a hillscape give dimension and provide interest to your view. You can add vines to walls that are not part of your home to let them blend into your landscape.

Living walls can provide you with more garden space, offering vertical surfaces, not just horizontal. You can install a system that lets you grow vegetables, herbs and/or flowers along your retaining walls to make them more functional and integral to your daily life.

Things to Consider When Building Retaining Walls

These hardscape elements in your yard are not just design pieces that can be installed easily. Retaining walls are a long-term investment that must be installed by professionals. The wall is designed to handle the force of the ground pressing against it. It must hold back the dirt, not simply contain it.

When building a retaining wall, you may need permits from your local municipality, as it is an engineered structure. You should have professional contractors inspect the landscape and make sure that the walls will do what you expect and need. You may also have to work with your neighbors if you’re putting in walls that will abut their property.

Don’t stress over the features in your yard that aren’t what you expect. Find ways to transform your landscape. Contact your local paving contractors in the Bay Area for an update. Enjoy your patio and deck while reducing the time you spend taking care of your home.