How to Transform Your Backyard With Retaining Walls

Bay Area Paver Experts Discuss Retaining Wall Design

Retaining walls can provide much-needed protection against soil erosion for Bay Area homes. In addition, they can serve as an interesting design piece when installed and maintained properly. Consider taking your retaining wall to the next level with a few of these tips:

  • Choose the right style. You don’t have to stick with traditional (but drab and dreary) cement blocks. Customize your retaining wall with complementary colors and materials that match your landscape design. Brick, painted concrete, stone, and other materials can dress up your yard. You can even mix mediums within a retaining wall. Keep in mind that concrete can effectively mimic almost every other material, and designing with concrete can save you a lot of money.

Rain Garden coupled with a paved walkway

  • Add steps. Stone step installers can transition levels within your landscaping. The steps will keep back the soil while creating functional and aesthetically pleasing access to tiered levels of your yard.

  • Find the right plants. Add flowers, trees, and shrubs around the wall to balance the look. The addition of plants will soften the overall effect and add depth and beauty.
  • Create an incremental retaining wall. Instead of using one vertical cutoff, consider adding smaller, terraced walls to the landscape. These walls can help you save money as well as create new beds for planting and play when installed successfully.

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