Retaining Walls and Landscaping Meet with Landscaping Wall Trends

retaining walls landscaping bay area

Not every lawn is perfectly flat and smooth so that you can get the landscaping look you want. Many properties have uneven topography or may even be on hills. Unfortunately, that can make it difficult to utilize your property the way you want or to get the overall look you’re going for with your landscaping design. Fortunately, retaining walls can be a good way to deal with uneven property when planning your landscaping.

What are retaining walls?

Retaining walls and landscaping are used to address changes in grade, such as in the case of a lawn on a steep hill. They can also be used to elevate planting areas if drainage is an issue, or to make a level space for sidewalks, driveways, or other features on the property. The type of retaining wall used depends on its purpose on the property. Retaining walls can be very useful so that a property with uneven topography can have landscaping features that you want and more of the land will be utilized.

Retaining walls can be incorporated into landscaping

Even though retaining walls are often thought of in terms of utility, they can be incorporated into the overall landscaping design of your property. By coordinating your retaining walls with the rest of your landscaping, even these walls will add to the beauty of your property and blend in rather than stand out as a necessary component of your landscaping.

Customizing retaining walls landscaping

Different pavers can be used to customize your retaining walls to coordinate them with the rest of your landscaping. The paver faces can typically be found in smooth, natural stone, porcelain, or antiqued styles. They are also typically available in modular, plank, irregular, brick, and cobble shapes. A number of colors are available ranging from black to white. Once the stones themselves are chosen, they can be arranged in different configurations to give an overall look, whether it be linear, modular, or random placements.

If you need to use retaining walls on your property to get the most out of your yard, you don’t have to let unattractive walls stand out against your beautiful landscaping. Instead, you can incorporate your retaining walls into your landscaping design so that they become just as important to the overall look of your property as any other component of your home and property.

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