Creative Use of Retaining Walls Improve Landscape Design

bay area retaining walls landscaping

Landscaping is more than the bushes, trees and flowers in your yard. The hardscaping elements in your landscape provide function and style in your backyard, on your patio and in your driveway paving. Retaining walls are designed to hold back soil or water, giving you many more options. Here are some ways to use retaining walls to get more out of your outdoor space.

Retaining Walls are Landscaper’s Best Friend

Multi-Level Yard

Raising sections of your garden adds dimension to an otherwise boring yard. Add stairs for accessibility between sections. Use retaining walls to create a focal point of interest. Beautiful stonework can transform the wall into stylish landscape elements.

A Backyard Pond

The sound of water is very soothing. With retaining walls, you can install a pond in your yard that will echo the other elements in your landscape. Your pond will provide hours of relaxing enjoyment, especially if you love birdwatching.

Remodel Your Deck

Use retaining walls and paving stones to change up your deck and separate the space from your yard. Build a fire pit for tranquil evenings in your backyard. Bay Area retaining walls can be used as additional seating when entertaining on your deck.

Open Your Garden 

If you have spaces in your yard that aren’t accessible or easily gardened, retaining walls will fill the gap. You can also raise the gardens in your backyard to make them easier to tend. Filling these beds with bright flowers will highlight the stonework of your patio or driveway. Your walkway installers can offer suggestions that will complement the landscape elements in your yard.

Increase Curb Appeal

If you hate yardwork, take advantage of landscape design to install gardens that require less maintenance. Build a retaining wall around a section of your yard. Fill it with mulch and one or two trees that benefit the environment while adding beauty to your garden. Choose an ornamental tree that will change colors with the seasons, such as a Japanese maple. Ask your landscapers for trees that work in your climate.

Retaining Wall Installation and Landscape Design Contractors in the Bay Area

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