5 Important Questions to Ask a Landscape Designer Before Hiring

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Seeking a landscape designer? If so, you will want to know, prepare, and ask the right questions to your landscape designer. This will go a long way in helping to avoid some of the most common mistakes. Before you go ahead and hire the first landscape designer you meet, think about your specific preferences and how your landscaper will serve them. Not all designers will be able to transform your outdoor space vision into a reality. Here is a smart list of questions to ask a prospective landscape designer before enlisting them.

5 Principle Questions to Ask a Landscape Designer

  1. What is your level of experience?

In every field, experience is a lofty factor. You will want to seek those landscape designers that meet a threshold of in-field expertise and knowledge. Also, a landscape designer should be able to advise you on the best design available, including plant varieties and trees. Take time to confirm and understand their expertise, years in the business and credentials to ensure that you get the best possible service and products.

  1. How long will this project take?

Designing and installing a landscape depends on a number of factors. For instance, availability of products, size, weather conditions and the number of staff personnel all influence a final design’s capabilities and time frame. Though there might be some unseen setbacks, estimating a rough project timeline can be worthwhile to help you avoid the frustrations of uncertainty by planning the project’s completion in advance.

  1. Are you a full-service company?

A number of landscape designers only install outdoor gardens or complete lawn-based projects derived from a standard design. If your desired landscape demands something different like pavers for an outdoor island or an indoor vertical garden, you might be disappointed and have to alter your plans if the landscape designer can’t deliver. Thus, be sure to ask a designer of the scope of service that they offer to guide your selection process.

  1. Can you provide me with referrals?

Don’t commit before checking the references. Check the style of their portfolio designs before, and compare it to what you want done in your outdoor space. Perhaps you want an outdoor kitchen island; ask yourself: have they done this before? In some instances, the designer might not have completed a project in exactly the same manner you are looking for, but if you consider the past job, it will help you make a decision on whether acceptable expertise and training is had.

  1. What is the estimated budget?

When it comes to hiring a landscape designer, the budget is a major factor. If working with a reputable landscaper, they won’t try to cheat you. Instead, they will work with you to make your vision a reality. Your outdoor space will become a prominent advertisement for their business, thus, they will be incentive to make it look great. Ask for a written quote, and understand whether it is a fixed price or an estimate. Additionally, it is important to ask whether any other hidden fees are present to avoid any unforeseen frustrations.

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