Is Artificial Turf For You? Some Pros and Cons of Synthetic Grass Lawns

synthetic grass lawns in the bay area

Synthetic grass was once used only in commercial applications, such as golf courses, sports fields, and even nursing homes. Today’s artificial turf has come a long way. It’s not your grandma’s fake grass. More people are asking their landscape contractors in the Bay Area about synthetic grass for their lawn. Here’s the good and the bad about synthetic turf.

Pros of Synthetic Grass Lawns in the Bay Area

Synthetic grass lawns in the Bay Area are popular largely due to the fact that you don’t need to water the lawns. In a region prone to droughts, artificial turf wins hands down. It’s low maintenance. While you won’t have to mow your lawn, it does need to be raked to keep it looking its best.

Your kids will love it, because they can play on the lawn year-round. If you’ve got a budding soccer star or other sports enthusiast, synthetic turf is just the ticket to help them get outside any season. Your lawn may even be the envy of your neighbors. You’ll save money on watering your grass and it will look great.

Cons of Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass has a lot of advantages. That said, it’s not perfect for everyone.

  • Artificial turfs are an investment. The initial cost of your lawn can be expensive.
  • Synthetic grass can melt with high temperatures.
  • It won’t look like your normal lawn. Some people say it will look better than a traditional lawn. It is different. The lawn will fade after 10 to 20 years.
  • You will need to install a good drainage system.

Is Synthetic Turf Right For Your Lawn?

Only you can make the decision about an artificial turf in your garden. If you’re not ready to transform your entire garden, using artificial lawn in certain areas can reduce your lawn maintenance while keeping the grass you love. Use synthetic turf in small spaces or around pavers. Talk to a company about deck designs in the Bay Area and how to incorporate synthetic grass to give your yard new life in areas that may not get a lot of sun or water. We’d love to help you get the yard you love. Contact Viking Pavers today for all your landscape design needs!