The Do’s and Don’ts of Patio Fire Pit Installation in the Bay Area

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Fire Pits Installers in the Bay Area – Do It Right the First Time!

A fire pit is a great way to bring everyone together and to extend the use of your yard into the night. Choosing the right location and style makes all the difference in how much use your fire pit will really get. Here are some tips from professional fire pits installers in the Bay Area to help you select the best place to enhance your backyard.

Safety First

One of the first things to consider is the positioning of the fire pit. It’s not only about where you will be most comfortable. You have to think about safety. You want the fire pit to be at least 10 feet from flammable materials, your home, your neighbor’s home, trees, bushes, a deck, etc.  Decks and patio installers in the Bay Area can help you find a safe location.

Location Is Everything

The second consideration to location is where you will use it most. Some people think that they want the fire pit located as far away from the patio as possible, almost like a destination setting. Others want it closer to their home to be able to use it often. You may want to consider things like wind direction or which way the sun sets, so you can enjoy a relaxing evening watching the sun go down.

What Style Suits Your Needs?

Fire pits come in many different styles and materials. A raised pit is often safer for families with small kids. A sunken fire pit is more effective with yards that are rocky or get very wet. A raised fire pit can be transformed into a table for day use, but a sunken fire pit provides more heat on your legs. You may even want to choose an outdoor fireplace for a different ambience. Think about how you want to entertain in your back yard and how you want to use the fire pit.

Choose the Right Materials – Patio Fire Pits Installers in the Bay Area

The rocks or pavers used to build a fire pit are crucial. Choose ones that can handle high temperatures, up to 1600F or more. You’ll want to make sure that the base material can also handle the heat. Don’t forget to build drainage into the fire pit. A wet and soggy fire pit won’t dry up quickly. Contact professionals for patio fire pit installation in the Bay Area.