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As a Belgard Pavers company in San Francisco Bay Area, California, we offer a complete line of Belgard pavers.

Belgard Aqua Roc, bay area landscaping company
Aqua Roc
Belgard Bergerac pavestone, bay area paving company
Belgard Cambridge Cobble, landscaper, bay area
Cambridge Cobble
Belgard Cambridge Cobble Tumbled, sf bay, landscaping
Cambridge Cobble Tumbled
Belgard Catalina, driveway paver installers bay area
Belgard Catalina Modular, front yard paver installers bay area
Catalina Modular
Belgard Dublin, deck, patio, paver installers, bay area
Belgard Dublin Cobble, backyard paver installers, bay area
Dublin Cobble
Belgard Mega Arbel, driveway paver installers, east bay
Mega Arbel
Belgard Mega Bergerac pavestone, bay area landscaping company
Mega Bergerac
Belgard Mega Lafitt, bay area landscapers
Mega Lafitt
Belgard Old World, driveway pavestone, east bay area
Old World
Belgard Subterra, landscape contractors bay area
Belgard Urbana, bay area walkway intallers

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Hardscape Designers Help You Choose the Best Belgard Pavers for Your Bay Area Home

Hardscape elements are functional manmade structures incorporated into a landscape. When designing your landscape, you can’t just add hardscaping without considering the surrounding landscape, your home’s architecture and colors, and the function of the hardscape. Here are some things to consider when selecting Belgard pavers for your Bay Area home.

Choosing Paver Colors Based on Your Home’s Style

Hardscaping elements should complement your home’s architecture. Modern, contemporary homes may work best with simple, geometric patterns, while a Victorian home may be able to handle ornate patterns. Consider whether you want your hardscape elements to stand out or to blend in to your landscape when choosing colors, textures, and tones.

Choosing Paver Colors Based on Light

Paver stones come in dark and light shades. Lighter tones open up a space and make it feel larger and brighter. Darker tones can make the space feel cozier. Darker tones also absorb light and heat, so keep that in mind. Check the amount of sunlight the space gets throughout the day. Pavers need to be sealed to protect their color against UV damage.

Choosing Pavers to Match Your Roof

Some hardscape designers in the Bay Area tie hardscape elements to your home by using the same tones as the color of your roof. Driveways and walkways are the same shade as your roof. If that color tone doesn’t appeal, consider what you might do to your home to bring the paver colors into your exterior. Switch the front door color. Repaint the window shutters. It’s your home. Make your hardscape fit your style.

Choosing Pavers to Create a Certain Effect

You can use textured pavers to create more visual interest and to give a little more traction in places that might get slick, such as a pool. Darker colors might work more effectively in a driveway, where you want to be able to hide stains. Lighter colors are better for a pool deck, because they’ll be cooler on bare feet. If you’re adding onto a patio, you may want to use a complementary shade to redefine the space instead of trying to match it exactly.

Belgard Pavers for Your Bay Area Home

Still not sure what you want? Landscape contractors in the Bay Area can help you find inspiration by discussing your goals and needs. Contact us today to get ideas for your landscape.