Plan the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen & BBQ Island

Designing your outdoor kitchen and BBQ island. The pros and cons on location.

The old real estate mavens were right: ultimately, it is all about “Location, Location, Location.”

An outdoor kitchen extends the entertainment and enjoyment areas of your home. The first step when installing an outdoor kitchen is deciding where to place it (hence, the admonition above). The three most common choices are next to the house, on the deck, or near the pool. Each has pros and cons.

Installing your outdoor kitchen & BBQ next to the house:
We’ll start with the least expensive, most popularly utilized option.


  • Convenient to the house with its restrooms, running water, etc.
  • Reduces travel time to your indoor and outdoor kitchen.
  • Might be able to use the house’s existing roofline for protection from the elements.

Cons: Unless you are only using the grill, it is easier and less costly to create an outdoor seating area and bring the food to your guests. In this scenario, installing a barbecue island might be a superior option.

Installing your outdoor kitchen & BBQ on the deck:
Consider this option if your deck and patio installers planned for the added weight of an outdoor kitchen, or if you’re attempting a new build.


  • Same as above.


  • May require deck reinforcement.
  • May require additional awning coverage.

Installing your outdoor kitchen & BBQ near the Pool:
This option is perfect for people who love to entertain, since it eliminates the need to run back and forth to the house for food and drink.


  • Makes hosting easier and more convenient.


  • Requires more storage for necessities to avoid trips to the house.
  • Requires larger prep areas.
  • The need to run water and electrical lines will increase the cost of the project.

No matter which option you choose, lush, inspired landscaping can help define the kitchen area and create an appropriate and welcoming aesthetic.

Let Viking Pavers design and install your outdoor kitchen or BBQ island.

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