Keep Cool in the Back Yard With Bay Area Hardscape Designers Tips

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Paving Contractors in the Bay Area Help You Stay Cool in the Summer Heat

The summer sun can be brutal. You can still enjoy your backyard, even on the hottest days, when you create an oasis that has its own cooling system. Here are some hardscape elements that make your backyard cooler so you can sit outside and take in nature when the temperatures rise. Talk to paving contractors in the Bay Area about how to incorporate these elements into your own back yard.

Create Shade

Sure, you can plant trees to create shade, but you’ll have to wait a few years for the trees to grow to provide enough shade to really cool your yard. In the meantime, you could invest in a pergola or gazebo to have a seating place that is cooler. Umbrellas are another great option to create shade on your patio. Another popular option according hardscape designers in the Bay Area is a shade sail. All of these options are affordable.

Water Elements

It might seem counterintuitive to increase the humidity in your back yard by including a pond or a pool, but water can actually reduce the heat. The added moisture in the air reduces air temperature. You’ll feel cooler, much like going to the beach. A pool is a great addition because kids can play in the water and feel even cooler. But if a pool doesn’t fit into your space, a small pond might be a better option. All kinds of water elements help you relax and promote a soothing environment.


Theme parks often use misters to increase comfort on hot days. The small water droplets act as cooling agents in the air and on your body. Misters are usually moveable and affordable, not really hardscape elements at all, but they’re very effective on hot days to keep everyone’s temperature down to make the outdoors more pleasant.

Patio Décor

Your patio can be designed to make your backyard more comfortable. Choose patio furniture that doesn’t absorb heat. The materials and color of the décor has a lot to do with keeping your family cool. The flooring can also repel or absorb heat. Darker colors tend to absorb light rays and heat, while lighter colors reflect it. Ask paving companies in the Bay Area about stones that won’t get as hot during the heat of the summer when you’re landscaping.

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