Bay Area Paving Contractors Know Pavers are a Sturdy, Attractive Choice

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How do you fix-up and clean-up a cracked, chipped, or visually ugly poured concrete (or worse, asphalt) driveway? How do you design a super-classy new driveway to delight or even stun everyone who sees it? The answer: pavers. Pavers are beautiful, durable, easily maintained, and affordable. Attractive pavers can also be used on patios, walkways, and surrounding pools for even more beauty. When it’s time for a great new look for your property, call a professional paving contractor Bay Area to get the work done.

Why Pavers are an Excellent Choice for Bay Area Driveway Paving and Patios

Pavers have been around for a long time, but they have become increasingly popular because of their highly appealing aesthetic look. They are an excellent choice of materials because they:

  • Increase a home’s value due to their trendy look and how well they can complement the outside look of a home.
  • Come in a wide variety of design options, using shapes, patterns, and complementary colors for the ultimate effect.
  • Offer excellent durability because the color(s) and design do not wear off and the pavers are not easily damaged.
  • Are long-lasting. When correctly installed and maintained, pavers can last 40 to 50 years, compared to 20 to 30 years for poured concrete.
  • They require little routine maintenance beyond sweeping and rinsing with a hose.

Comparing paver driveways to concrete and asphalt:

  • Pavers can be applied in many flexible ways. They provide a durable surface offering virtually invisible and easy to make repairs, and with three times the strength of poured concrete.
  • Asphalt is designed to be inexpensive to install and repair. However, asphalt is soft and easily damaged. Its cracks and holes need to be filled and resealed every couple of years and repairs are easily seen.
  • Concrete is an inflexible surface, so it is subject to cracks due to changes in weather and temperature. The surface is porous, so any unsightly spills may become uncleanable. Any repairs are very visible.

A professional paving contractor Bay Area will be able to explain and demonstrate the evident benefits and applications of pavers to your important landscape design project.

Paver Design Choices

An expert landscape design Bay Area company can work your project considering a wide array of choices:

  • Materials including the natural stone varieties of granite, slate, limestone and bluestone, brick, and concrete pavers.
  • Shapes including standard shapes that are square or rectangular, and irregular shapes like flagstone.
  • Styles including bricks, cobblestones, flagstones, and mixed.
  • Colors.
  • Designs and patterns.

Choose the Right Landscape Design and Paving Contractor

Choose a landscape design company that can design and install the perfect driveway, patio, synthetic lawn, retaining wall or whatever you need to make your home more functional and attractive. They may be qualified to install synthetic grass lawns in the Bay Area complementing the new pavers for a completely beautiful property. Seek a paving and landscaping contractor who has years of experience, a great reputation, the right equipment, skilled crew, demonstrated design qualifications, and a willingness to meet your needs. Viking Pavers is a great choice in the Bay Area and is ready to start planning your project. Schedule a free consultation or call 800-941-1014