Why Pavers Are Perfect For Your Patio or Driveway

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Paving Companies in the Bay Area Choose Pavers for A Lot of Good Reasons

Many people are turning to paving companies in the Bay Area and elsewhere for driveway and patio upgrades. For lots of those projects, pavers are the perfect solution. In this article, you’ll learn several reasons why.


Driveways, walkways, and patios made of pavers are quite durable and easy to take care of. And they’re not as prone to cracking, which can affect the looks and condition of materials like asphalt. Routine cleaning and maintenance of pavers is relatively simple. And when pavers do need to be repaired, it’s often as simple as swapping out a damaged paver for a fresh one.

One reason pavers are so durable is their interlocking nature. Because they’re not one giant slab, they can individually expand and contract with changes in surrounding conditions. By contrast, a surface that is one continuous piece of material, like a traditional concrete driveway, will have no flexibility to expand and contract.

More Natural Drainage

Compared to many other driveway and landscaping solutions, pavers create a more natural drainage effect. Pavers with slight gaps between them can allow water to flow through into the ground instead of building up on the surface.

Visual Variety

Many landscape contractors in the Bay Area and across the country enjoy working with pavers because they offer visual variety. They come in a range of shapes, textures, and sizes, and they can lock together in all sorts of configurations. Some ideas for how to take advantage of pavers’ versatility include:

  • Building an attractive path between outdoor areas
  • Turning your driveway into a striking statement
  • Installing a pool deck that’s both fun to look at and relax on

Material Variety

Pavers also come in several materials, which can help them fit into projects with different budgets. For instance, concrete pavers are generally on the inexpensive side, while natural stone may be more appealing for people looking to splurge.


Pavers are sometimes not the absolute cheapest choice for a given project, yet they can still save time and money. That’s because pavers’ durable, low-maintenance nature means they require fewer repair and replacement projects than do many other options. Opting for a cheaper material that needs to be replaced often may actually cost you more money over time.

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