Stone Steps or Pavers? Ask Your Local Paving Contractor in the Bay Area

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Learn About Pavers vs Stone from Driveway and Stone Steps Installers in the Bay Area

Modern landscapes don’t only rely on horticultural elements to create a beautiful setting. More homeowners are choosing hardscape elements to increase functionality and design in the front and back yard. A paving contractor in the Bay Area can help you add stone steps or pavers to your landscape to move from one area to another safely. How do you choose between stone steps or pavers? Here are some things to think about when you’re designing your landscape.

Stone Steps

Stone is a classic material for garden elements because of its natural beauty. It has a high-end look that can be hard to imitate with concrete pavers. Stone comes in many different colors and textures for more design options. Stone steps are durable, able to stand up to the weather elements, including extreme heat and cold temperatures. However, stone can get very warm in the summer. If you enjoy walking barefoot in your garden, stone may not be the best option. One drawback though is that it can cost a lot more to install stone steps than pavers because stone must be quarried, cut and installed.

Manmade Pavers

Pavers have the look of natural stone, but they are manufactured, not quarried. Pavers have a more uniform look. You can find them in many different sizes, textures and colors. Pavers are easier and faster to install, because the pavers are the same size and fit together better than natural stone does. The downside to pavers is that they don’t look as natural in larger spaces, like your driveway. Pavers can be less expensive than stone, but it depends on the style of the paver against the stone. Pavers won’t get hot in the sun, but they do tend to crack after a few years. They are durable, but they don’t have the lasting power that stone does.

Which One Fits Your Needs?   

Because there are so many different considerations, you should discuss your specific installation of pavers or stone steps with stone driveway installers in the Bay Area. Correct installation is imperative, no matter which type of steps you choose. You want your hardscape elements to last as long as possible. When you work with professional stone steps installers in the Bay Area, you can be assured that your garden hardscaping is installed right to be sturdy and durable.

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