Anatomy of a Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall Installers Share Industry Standards and Advice

Retaining Wall Installation
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Whether you are a DIY landscaper or hiring professional paving contractors, knowing and understanding the fundamentals of installation is essential to the success of your project’s durability. When building retaining walls, there are a few industry standards that are important to consider and implement:

  1. Retaining walls should be built upon a base of geotextile fabric and at least 6 to 8 inches of crushed stone.
  2. Have at least 6 – 8 inches of existing soil excavated below the final grade. Level out and compact the subgrade before adding more material.
  3. Extend the base of your retaining wall by 12 inches beyond the outer edges of the patio or wall to prevent sagging.
  4. The base is extremely important because it gives strength and longevity. Consider installing the base in 1 – 2 inch lifts if using a plate compactor to achieve sufficient compaction.
  5. Ensure accurate measurements and apply string lines to create perfect lines and edges for the pavers and walls.
  6. Provide stability to the outer edge of the paver applications by utilizing a plastic edge restraint that has 10 inch spikes.
  7. When a paver installation is complete, fill the joints with polymeric sand, and then wash the excess sand off with a garden hose. The water from the hose will help activate the sand, allowing it to harden like cement and interlocking the pavers to prevent weeds from growing.
  8. If working with wall contractors, ask about their experience with hardscape, as well as warranties for the installation and the products provided.

The benefits of pavers and retaining walls are multifaceted. Not only are they versatile, durable, low maintenance and affordable, unlike concrete, pavers can be stylized to meet your preference.

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