Paver Installation Cost & Benefits vs. Poured Concrete

Durable and Easy to Maintain System Pavers Measured Against Poured Concrete


Belgard Paver Installation

Everyone likes a good deal, and when you compare paver installation cost with poured concrete, you end up saving more money with pavers in the long run. The initial installation of system pavers are more expensive than concrete due to the foundation laying process. When creating a foundation, concrete is poured directly into a designated area and smoothed over with simple tools. Pavers require a more tedious, intensive method that depends upon the selected paver material. Just the process of creating multiple pavers at the same size requires complex machinery.

Although system pavers cost more upfront, they are a great long-term investment because they are easier to repair than concrete. It costs considerably less to manufacture pavers for reconstruction, especially concrete pavers. They generally last about 30 years, making it a very durable choice.

Most pavers only need an occasional sweeping or cleaning in order to be maintained. If a paver does require repair, it is easy to fix. Paver reparation usually focuses on a small damaged area, so most pavers are replaced one at a time or as needed. Concrete repair often demands a re-installation of an entire area, and usually leads to a higher cost over time. Concrete is also high maintenance and depends upon constant adjustments such as sealing and patching to maintain aesthetics and integrity.

Pavers age very well when compared to poured concrete. Unlike pavers, concrete is easily affected by natural elements; shrinking during the curing process, expanding and shrinking according to the weather, water infiltration, and resettling over time. This causes cracks, noticeable shifting and other unsightly ramifications. Pavers tend to keep their aesthetic appeal much longer than concrete, and are generally more durable.

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