Outdoor Living in the Patio of Your Dreams: Backyard Transformations begin with Hardscaping

Hardscape Design with Interlocking Patio Pavers


A paver patio makes your backyard more visually appealing and functional – not to mention increases the value of your Bay Area home. For the patio of your dreams, follow these tips from the paver experts here at Viking Pavers.

1. Choose the right pattern.

Interlocking patio pavers come in an astonishing variety of patterns. To choose the right one for your yard, begin by considering the size of your space. In general, larger pavers are better for larger spaces, while smaller pavers are better for smaller spaces. To establish a more traditional look, stick to a pattern that utilizes no more than two different sizes of pavers. For less rigidity, incorporate more paver sizes.

2. Add structure with established traffic patterns.

After the patio installers have finished their job, it’s time to dress up the space. To make your outdoor living space easier to understand and navigate, establish clear borders and traffic patterns using shrubs, trees and walkways. You might even add eclectic objects, like Christmas lights or hanging Japanese lanterns to complete the effect.

3. Boost visual appeal.

Establish a focal point, such as a pond or fountain, for the space and consider how it will be used both during the day and at night – both when you’re enjoying it solo in silence and when you’re partying in the backyard with 70 of your closest friends. Add color and natural greenery to the area using colored plant containers that can be moved or replaced easily each season.

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Experienced Patio Paver Experts at Your Service

Beautify your home with products that will remain beautiful and reliable for years to come. We offer a 25 year warranty on paver installation and a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on pavers. Do you need help with your paving or remodeling project? Call Viking Pavers at (800) 941-1014 or send us a message today for useful insight.