What Kind of Fire Pit Should You Buy?

Patio Fire Pit Installation in the Bay Area – What Kind of Fuel?

patio fire pit installation in the bay area

What Kind of Fire Pit Should You Buy?

When you envision your patio fire pit installation in the Bay Area, you might have a specific expectation in mind. However, you may be surprised to know there are several different kinds of fire pits created for residential use. Not only are there various designs to match aesthetic preferences, but fire pits are also categorized by the type of fuel they require to operate. Below are the main types of fire pits based on the fuel they require, as well as some important details about each kind.

Gas-burning Fire Pits

A fire pit that runs on gas is fueled by propane or natural gas.

Fire pits that run on natural gas are typically less expensive to operate, but they may consume more fuel overall since propane burns hotter. Natural gas pits are generally easier to maintain. However, their connection to a gas line makes moving one much more complicated than a propane pit. Propane pits are usually larger than some other types, and they come in a variety of impressive styles. Gas pits virtually never run of fuel since they must be connected to a gas line.

If you want to switch out your fire pit from one type of gas to another, it may be possible to do so with an adapter kit. You should always discuss such changes with your chosen fire pits installers in the Bay Area.

Gel-fuel Fire Pits

Another popular style of fire pit is the gel-burning variety. Because this type does not produce smoke, it is certainly a logical choice for many Californians during the fire season. With help from a gas grill lighter, the fire is ignited by a gel that is alcohol based. Some varieties rely on gel-fueled logs to function. Gel-fueled pits do not emit as much heat as other kinds, so they may not be a top choice for those who use their fire pit strictly for heat or grilling. Tabletop fire pits in this category may be used outdoors and indoors, making them the most versatile in terms of placement.

Wood-fueled Fire Pits

If you are looking for a more traditional style of fire pit that offers plenty of heat output, one that is fueled by wood could be optimal. This style typically burns the most efficiently, and the larger the unit is, the more heat it will generate. These pits are available in many styles and sizes, allowing different options for various needs. You can even grill food on a wood-burning pit. Wood-fueled fire pits do produce smoke, and it can be difficult to regulate both the smoke and the flames. Many homeowners still prefer this classic option for their ambience, heat, and grilling capacity.

Viking Pavers Patio Fire Pit Installation in the Bay Area

If you are considering a fire pit for your home, there are so many choices available. Viking Pavers is known for hiring talented hardscape designers in the Bay Area. From materials to colors to shapes to styles, we can help you match the options with your home and preferences.

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