What Makes the Perfect Backyard BBQ Island Installation?

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Create a Perfect Backyard with Outdoor Kitchen Installers in the Bay Area

Thinking of upping your BBQ game next summer? We know you have the grill. Here are some ideas for your backyard from outdoor kitchen installers in the Bay Area.

A Great Deck

Cooking in your backyard is easier when the surface is sturdy and level. If your current patio isn’t big enough, use pavers to expand the area or build a deck to handle the party. Ask us about deck designs in the Bay Area.

Outside Refrigeration

When you’re cooking on the grill, you want the food to kept at the right temperature. An outside refrigerator is a great addition to the patio. Your guests can access cold drinks without tracking dirt inside. You can keep condiments close. Your potato salad won’t be forgotten in the inside kitchen, nor will it get too warm sitting on the table.

Lighting and Music

While you’re updating your patio, think about adding accessories that make your party more fun. Include built-in speakers with a docking station for your music. Add lighting to your yard. Torches around the patio add great ambiance. Hanging lights make any get-together a party. Step lights can placed along pathways or the edge of the patio to help identify places where someone could fall.

Seating for Everyone

When you’re planning your backyard BBQ island, don’t forget to plan space for people to sit down. Your landscaper can help you install benches or retaining walls that can double as seating, but you’ll want space on the patio for plenty of chairs or pillows to make everyone comfortable.

Fire Pit

If you’ve got the space, add a fire pit to your backyard BBQ space. Once you’ve devoured dinner, you can sit around a bonfire to talk and tell stories before the party is over. Throw in some marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate to make s’mores, and you’re sure to get everyone to put their phones down to talk and enjoy each other’s company.

A Sink and Prep Area

If you’re cooking outside, you’ll want to wash your hands to prevent cross-contamination. If you add a sink to your patio, include an island to prep food and hold cooked food for serving. It will make your backyard party more convenient and fun. For even more luxury, add a hot box to keep food hot while you’re waiting to finish everything up on the grill and to get everyone served.

Find BBQ Island Installers in the Bay Area

Talk to BBQ islands installers in the Bay Area about design options for your deck and patio. Even if your yard is small, you may be able to add to your outdoor space to make it more fun and efficient to cook and host a party in your back yard. Our team can help create the outdoor living space you want.