Planning the Perfect Backyard Around a Fire Pit or Outdoor Kitchen Installation

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Outdoor Kitchen Installation Considerations and Tips

If you have made the choice to invest in a fire pit or outdoor kitchen installation in your backyard, you will also need to plan the other features of your yard accordingly. The way that you organize this area will have a significant impact on how well it serves your household. Once you make some of these important decisions about your backyard, the space can be beautifully enhanced by the best fire pits and outdoor kitchens installers in the Bay Area!

Consider these factors as you plan your dream backyard:

Know Your Budget

The first step you should take is to establish a budget for your project. You need to be clear with yourself and with your contractor about how much you are willing and able to spend. After you determine this figure or range, it will be easier to decide which backyard features make sense for you. Be sure to include a buffer for expenses you may not anticipate, such as getting a permit or hiring an electrician.


You will want to ensure that your landscaping fits around your new outdoor kitchen or fire pit. Vegetation should not be so close to a fire pit that it poses a fire risk. This could mean that you need to move some of your existing plants, or alternatively, you might install the fire pit or outdoor kitchen reasonably far away from your garden. You can discuss this with qualified fire pits installers in the Bay Area.

Your landscaping may also accentuate the view of your new yard addition. Whether you opt for a fire pit or kitchen design with built-in seating, or whether you prefer to incorporate your current patio furniture, consider the panorama from that spot. As you sit around the fire pit or prepare an outdoor meal, large potted plants, flower bushes, and decorative shrubbery within eyesight can give you and your guests a memorable experience.


If your existing hardscaping does not reflect the theme of your planned installation, you may want to make some changes. A yard filled with accents from the 1980s may not blend well with a modern backyard kitchen, for example. On the other hand, you can combine various styles to form an eclectic look if that meets your needs.

Certain elements may be added to complement the style of your addition. If you choose a stone fire pit, a walkway made of pavers could complete the look. You might even want to restyle an area to create a multi-level fire pit patio.

Viking Pavers – Expert Landscape Design & Outdoor Kitchen Installers

No matter what styles and products you want for your backyard, the team at Viking Pavers are always happy to assist. We want you to build the backyard you have been dreaming of, and we have the knowledge and experience to do it. In fact, we are one of the leading fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and BBQ islands installers in the Bay Area. Call us at (800) 941-1014, or contact us online for more details or a free consultation.