What Does 2020 Hold When it comes to Landscape Design Trends in the Bay Area?

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Landscape Contractors Share Bay Area Design Trends

Now that spring is here, it’s time to rethink your home’s outdoor space. Since landscaping trends in 2020 are shifting toward being more sustainable and eco-friendly, let’s take a look at some of those and see how you can incorporate some of those trends into your own yard and garden.

A More Natural Look

Many landscape designs in the Bay Area are embracing more natural elements with seemingly little upkeep to create what American Society of Landscape Architects fellow Jeffrey Carbo has called “a beautiful undoneness.” This essentially means planting flowers, shrubs, and trees that seem to grow wild yet are still cultivated and kept under control. The trend embraces nature and its beauty and can give a unique look to any garden or yard. It still requires some work, but there are plenty of landscape contractors in the Bay Area who can give your landscape a natural appearance.

All-Season Landscaping

If you don’t want to just enjoy your yard in perfect weather, you can always opt for a landscape design that incorporates elements such as awnings, outdoor heaters, and enclosures that allow you to entertain guests throughout the year. All-season landscaping is very popular, and paving contractors in the Bay Area can provide you with the kind of space that you can enjoy anytime.

Food Gardens

Bay Area homeowners have taken to growing fruits and vegetables beyond bell peppers and tomatoes in their gardens. Unique vegetables such as certain varieties of lettuce can beautify an outdoor space in a unique way while providing a great food source during harvest seasons.

Pollinator Gardens

Pollinators such as bees and butterflies are dwindling in numbers, but homeowners are helping them out by providing plants that they need to survive. Planting milkweed for monarch butterflies and flowering plants for bees ensure that these helpful insects don’t have to travel far to get what they need. Meanwhile, the plants that you have will thrive when they attract these pollinators, all while providing a beautiful and natural look to your outdoor space.


Paving contractors in the Bay Area can install patios and walkways that go beyond simple concrete slabs. Bricks and pavers can be laid in lattice, chevron, or basket-weave patterns to give your hardscapes a unique look that pairs well with your natural landscaping elements.

Viking Pavers Hardscapes, Paver Driveways, & Landscape Design in the Bay Area

These are just a handful of trends that have been seen in the Bay Area. These trends are changing constantly, so don’t hesitate to call (800) 941-1014 or contact landscape contractors near you for more ideas to improve your outdoor spaces.