Tired of Your High Maintenance Landscape Design? Make Yard Maintenance Simple

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Modern landscape design isn’t only about a beautiful yard. Today’s homeowners want ways to make the best use of the outdoor space for their own lifestyle. People want to enjoy their yard while not spending hours each month taking care of plants, shrubs and grass or without spending hundreds of dollars to maintain the lawn. Landscaping companies in the Bay Area are also concerned about the environment. If you’re looking for low-maintenance home landscape design, here are seven ideas that will take your backyard to the next level.

Landscape Design in the Bay Area Doesn’t Have to Be High Maintenance

  1. Use native plants that thrive in your area. You’ll need less fertilizer, less water and less pesticide because the plant naturally grows in the climate.
  2. Go with fake lawns. Modern synthetic grass lawns in the Bay Area are much different than the Astroturf of yesterday. Artificial grass looks natural and doesn’t require water, maintenance, fertilizer, or pesticides.
  3. Use hardscape elements in your yard. Paving companies in the Bay Area can install beautiful patios or walkways that won’t require mowing or watering. Create a relaxing entertainment area in your yard with a durable surface for your furniture and grills for safety and comfort.
  4. Invest in succulents. Succulents are plants that thrive in arid climates because the leaves are thick and retain water. Crown-of-thorns, aloe, jade and agave are plants that do well with sun and little water, but they make a big statement.
  5. Use gravel to border gardens. Small to medium rocks can give your garden a softer feel than paving. You’ll get the same benefits as concrete pavers, but you can get a more organic look with different types of gravel. River rocks or pea gravel can also replace mulch and is easier to maintain. Gravel lasts longer than mulch, so you won’t be replacing it every year.
  6. Invest in an irrigation system. Automate your watering based on your landscaping needs, not just turning on the hose when you remember. Install an irrigation system with a timer to set up watering on a schedule that comes on and off at specific times. You’ll save water because you can get the water where it needs to go.
  7. Choose low maintenance plants. Some types of plants require a lot of care. Look for hybrids that are easier to grow, like the Knock Out® Rose, which has increased disease resistance and blooms longer than traditional roses. Evergreen trees don’t drop as many leaves as standard shade trees, saving you time in the fall when you might have to rake up those leaves.

Make your landscaping work for you instead of spending your time working in your landscape. Choose design elements that make your yard easier to maintain.

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