A Beautiful Backyard That Won’t Break Your Back to Maintain

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Landscape Contractors in the Bay Area Build a Low-Maintenance Back Yard

Low maintenance landscaping is on trend for many reasons. Many homeowners are tired of spending weekends tending to their yard. Less lawn means less work. Less lawn also means less water used. You’ll also need fewer chemicals and fertilizers. If you’ve been thinking about talking to landscape contractors in the Bay Area about hardscaping elements, use these ideas to give you a jump start.

Plant Native Plants

Species native to your area are some of the best plants to use in your landscape. These plants will require less water and fertilizer, as well as less overall maintenance. Succulents are also easy-maintenance plants that use less water. Create an area with a variety of these plants and no one will ever realize that you’re using them to avoid mowing.

Use Hardscaping Elements

Talk to a paving contractor in the Bay Area about installing pavers to create walkways, a patio, or smaller gardens. These areas won’t need watering, mowing, or weeding, so you’ll free up your weekend time and have a nice space where you can relax and enjoy your yard. Use the garden areas to plant vegetables for a nice summer crop.

Swap Grass With a Ground Cover

Avoid mowing by changing your grass for clover, moss, honeysuckle, or creeping phlox that will give your yard color without a lot of maintenance. Violets, pansies, and lily-of-the-valley are floral varieties that are easy to grow in place of grass. They’ll give your yard some variety in the summer.

Choose Low Maintenance Trees

Slow growing evergreens won’t need as much pruning as other trees, nor will they drop their leaves. Choose deciduous trees that don’t lose their leaves in the winter, such as a beech, witch hazel, and oaks. Palms are another tree that won’t lose their leaves. Stay away from fruit trees that will drop fruit after harvest and need to be cleaned up.

Build an Outdoor Living Space

Bring your home into your yard by creating an outdoor kitchen, entertainment center, bar, or living room. Paving companies in the Bay Area can help you design the area and create a solid flooring to set furniture and equipment on. Your family can enjoy the outdoors and each other when you sit outside to eat and be together.

Paving Companies in the Bay Area

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