Landscape Lighting Adds Property Appeal and Value

bay area landscape design lighting

Exterior lights serve many purposes. Outdoor landscape design lighting can provide accent lighting to highlight statuaries, flowers or even an interesting surface. You can create some beautiful effects using shadowing, by placing lights at special angles in your garden. Including lights in your landscape design increases security around your home and improves safety. In the Bay Area, outside lights boost curb appeal when you’re trying to sell your home.

Where To Install Outdoor Landscape Lighting?

You’ll want to work with your professional decks and patio installers in the bay area and an electrician to make sure the lights are installed effectively and safely. Winter is a great time to assess the light situation in your landscape. Here are some of the best places to add lights to your landscape:

Pathways – accent your paths and stairways to let guests see where they should be walking with low-voltage, close to the ground lights that highlight the walkways through your garden and driveways.

Stairs – underlighting the steps of any stairs at your home improves safety and make for a stunning garden. These lights are typically easy to install and make sure that no one inadvertently trips when they’re out for a stroll.

Driveways – by lining your driveway with lights, you can make parking easier for yourself and your guests. Paving contractors in the Bay Area will help you highlight obstacles with lights. Add lighting around your mailbox and address marker. Use lampposts to highlight the entrance to your home.

Patios – consider a wide range of lights on your patio for different tasks. Outdoor chandeliers can add dimension to a dining area. Use task lighting around your grill and any prep areas for cooking. Outdoor lighting can define spaces and mimic moonlighting. Place lights along the edges of where your synthetic grass lawn meets patio pavers to prevent guests (and yourself) from tripping when you step off a path. These lights can also brighten up areas where intruders might hide. If you want magical lights, hide the spotlights in a tree or among the plants.

Don’t Annoy Your Neighbors

When you’re designing your outside lighting for your landscape, try to find a balance between enough nighttime lighting for safety while not creating too much light pollution so that you can’t enjoy the night sky. You don’t want lights that shine into people’s eyes, and you shouldn’t bother your neighbors with your landscape lights.

Light Your Paver Paths and Driveways with Professional Landscape Design Lighting

Work with a professional outdoor lighting expert to accent your landscape and home with the right lights. Viking Pavers installs paver driveways, patios, paths, retaining walls as well as outdoor low-voltage landscape lighting. Give us a call today at 800-941-1014 or request a free consultation online today.