How Best to Plan Around Your Retaining Wall Landscaping

bay area retaining walls landscaping design

Landscape Design Around Retaining Walls Can Be Stunning!

Retaining walls are wisely used for many reasons including preventing soil erosion, adding functional space and features to a yard, aiding in flood protection, and adding depth, texture, and color to a property. Beyond these, a retaining wall can add incredible beauty to a property, greatly increasing its aesthetic appeal and boosting the property’s value. At first thought, it may seem like a simple project to add a retaining wall, but it is best to call a retaining walls Bay Area expert.

How to Plan Your Retaining Wall Project

To achieve satisfying success with your retaining wall project, it is important to:

  1. Determine the purposes of the retaining wall. Do you need to solve a water drainage or erosion problem, are you dreaming about some new features to add to the yard, or do you need some more usable yard space?
  2. Know that your retaining walls landscaping company will need to check on building code regulations about size and placement restrictions and with utility companies regarding underground cables.
  3. Working with your project dreams, a professional retaining walls Bay Area company will help you determine sizing, placement, shape, and any other functional and aesthetic elements that you desire.
  4. Expert retaining wall installers Bay Area will also make sure they identify and work with soil types, establish proper drainage, and create secure soil and wall stability.

How to Landscape Your Retaining Wall

Consider these ideas as you develop your retaining wall plan:

  • Add some plants at the front or base of the retaining wall to add texture and color such as bushes, tall grasses, or ornamental trees. Or consider adding a trellis and climbing vines.
  • Place low-profile plants closer to the front edge of the retaining wall, so they are not blocked from view by larger plants, and to keep the root systems of bigger plants away from the wall to prevent damage.
  • Add some plants that spread over the top edge of the wall, spilling down slightly, such as ivy or Million Bells.
  • Plant vegetation in rows in the planting bed area, staggering the plants so they can be seen. Use a variety of colors and heights to add interest.

Great Retaining Wall and Landscaping Features to Consider

Your professional retaining walls landscaping company can help you with these dreamy ideas:

  • Creating multi-level terracing.
  • Using mixed materials and colors.
  • Adding a fire pit, outdoor kitchen, or outside lighting.
  • Including a water feature.
  • Curving the walls or adding steps.
  • Turning part of the wall into a vertical planter or living wall.
  • Including bench seating.
  • Creating a raised planter bed.

Seek Bay Area Retaining Walls and Landscape Design Experts

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