Should I hire a Landscape Contractor to Help Redesign My Landscaping?

Every homeowner wants beautiful landscaping, according to their personal taste, surrounding their home. But how to get it? If the project you envision is high stakes or a significant investment in learning curve and supplies—that’s when you should hire a professional landscaping company in the Bay Area. Let’s dig into your options for a stunning home landscape.

Types of Landscaping Companies in the Bay Area

Your options fall into one of three general categories of landscaping professional:

1. Maintenance and Replacement: Landscaper
If you basically love your current landscape, layout and plant choices, an experienced landscaper can fulfill your needs. This company will keep your lawn and foliage trimmed, looking lush and healthy, and growing strong. They can replace plants seasonally (planting new flowers along your garden pathway for a floral color change, for example), prune tree branches, change out ground cover plants and related work.

2. Placing the Right Plants – Layout and Artistry: Landscape Designer
For custom landscaping design from scratch, or a complete re-do without major construction, choose a landscape designer. You’ll receive advice about plants that are appropriate for growth in the area, and you’ll end with a pleasing layout and harmonious color palette in your yard. Designers use the size, texture and seasonal growth patterns of plants, to create an appearance that suits your home and personal tastes. This professional can also plan for pathways through your landscaping, select hardscaping (pavers, stone, etc.), have ready-made fountains installed and create minor special features like an archway entry.

3. Complex Projects: Landscape Architect
This is the pro you need for creating a multi-level or terraced garden area, perhaps with a custom designed fountain or complex water feature, made specifically to suit the property around your home. If earth must be moved, elevations changed and/or a new physical space designed and built, a landscape architect may work with surveyors and engineers to provide blueprints for your landscaping project. The company may also manage the installation/execution of the landscaping plan.

DIY or Pro Landscaping: Which is Best for You?

Properly licensed and trained landscape contractors in the Bay Area can save you time, money and headaches. Of course, you should avoid doing DIY work that exposes you to dangerous tools, chemicals or heights, without proper training. If you’re not an expert in the landscaping task you’re taking on, consider whether you want to take the time to learn, if you own the required equipment, etc. Think about whether you can do the job so that it will still look good long term. Hiring an expert landscaper will prevent you from making errors that can affect your curb appeal and home value.

Work with an Expert Bay Area Landscaping Contractor

A beautifully, creatively landscaped property is a joy to behold and live in daily. It adds to your quality of life. It makes working, relaxing and entertaining at home a joy. At Viking Pavers, we’re dedicated to creating and installing transformative landscaping for Bay Area homeowners. We bring together all the professionals needed, to work as a team to meet your landscaping needs.

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