What Do Landscaping Companies in the Bay Area Recommend for Winter Landscape Interest?

landscaping companies in the bay area

The winter landscape can be dreary and dull, but with a little planning, you can spruce up your garden during the coldest months to keep your yard looking beautiful. Landscaping companies in the Bay Area can help you design a landscape that fits your style and personality and gives your back yard some interest when the temperatures dip.

How Landscape Companies in the Bay Area Landscape for Winter Interest

Choose Colored Vegetation

Although many trees lose their leaves in the winter, evergreens are popular in landscapes because they do maintain their color all winter long. You can find evergreens in a variety of colors, not just green. Gold Thread false cypress add yellow to your garden. A swarf blue spruce gives you some blue tones in the garden.

Berries Make a Great Addition to Your Winter Landscape

Crabapples, holly, and winterberries add red to your landscape through the winter. The bonus is that these plants will feed birds that don’t migrate south. These plants will look good in your summer landscape, too. You can fit them into your design without a lot of added maintenance.

Use Winter to Assess Your Landscape Design

When plants are a in full bloom in the summer, it can mask what your garden is missing. Winter is great time to work with hardscape designers in the Bay Area to make your yard more usable for your own style. Think about how you want to use your backyard when the weather is good. Before the leaves hide the bare spots in the garden, choose hardscape elements that provide a focal point or added function to your landscape.

Focus on Visual Interest

Many trees have distinctive bark that can add interest to your landscape when the branches are bare. Anny’s Winter Orange is a beautiful shrub that can make your garden stand out. Ghost bramble is another shrub that can be visually stunning. Installing a decorative path or wall that adds some depth and texture to your landscape can help with the winter blues.

Position Plants to Take Advantage of Low Sunlight

Most people think of using sunlight for growing plants, not creating silhouettes or shading to make your garden appear almost magical. When you’re planning your landscape, think about the sun and how it shines on your plants. Garden rows that oriented north to south get more sun exposure than those that are planted east to west, which shade each other.

Discuss Your Landscape or Hardscape Design Project with Experts in the Bay Area

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