Bay Area Landscape Companies Help Add Value to Your Home

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Get Big Return on Investment with Landscaping Companies in the Bay Area

For most people, the initial assessment of a home’s value is based on its visual appeal. That’s why statistics show that improving a home’s landscaping can upgrade its value by as much as 20 percent. Increase your home’s aesthetic appeal and boost the value of your property by implementing these tips from expert landscaping companies in the Bay Area.

Replace Natural Lawns with Artificial Grass

Natural lawns, even with regular maintenance, often appear patchy and uneven. In contrast, synthetic grass adds to home value by remaining perennially beautiful even during dry spells. It provides an environmentally friendly alternative because these lawns require no watering; all that is needed is a quick cleansing spray from time to time. Artificial lawns are safer for children and pets because no chemicals such as pesticides, weed killers, and fertilizers are required to protect them. Because mowing is not necessary, maintenance is minimal.

Add a Patio

Having landscapers in the Bay Area add a patio to your home is a great way to significantly upgrade its property value. Prospective buyers are always impressed when a home has a decent patio. A well-constructed patio functions as an extension of the interior of the home, vastly increasing its impression of space. It allows residents to enjoy a seamless indoor and outdoor living experience that enables a more relaxing and luxurious lifestyle.

Improve the Lighting

Improved exterior lighting serves several important functions. Firstly, it increases your home’s visual appeal by accentuating its attractive landscaping after dark. It also improves home security by discouraging intruders, and it lessens accidents by illuminating paved surfaces such as patios, footpaths, stairs, and driveways. Outside landscape lighting that improves home value includes floodlights, pathway lights, surface mounted fixtures, and ceiling lights.

Create an Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor features installed by landscape companies in the Bay Area add immeasurably to your home’s value. In addition to a patio, for instance, outdoor kitchens, barbecues, and fire pits add a welcoming, festive ambiance to your exterior space. If you are planning to install a pool, a deck with paver stones adds style and durability. These features offer a return on investment far in excess of their cost.

Landscaping Companies in the Bay Area

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